Empoleon DEX, Dusknoir BCR // NXD-on


4 Piplup (DE 27)
2 Prinplup (DE 28)
4 Empoleon (DE 29)

4 Miltank (FF 83)

2 Duskull (BC 61)
2 Dusknoir (BC 63)

1 Exeggcute (PF 4)

4 Rare Candy (DE 100)
4 Level Ball (ND 89)
3 Ultra Ball (DE 102)
2 Float Stone (PF 99)
3 Silver Bangle (PB 88)
2 Super Rod (NV 95)
1 Tool Scrapper (DR 116)
1 Dowsing Machine (PS 128)

3 Professor Juniper (BW 101)
4 N (DE 96)
4 Skyla (BC 134)
2 Colress (PS 118)

8 Water Energy (BW 107)

So this is basically my old Empoleon/Leafeon/Dusknoir deck with the Leafeons removed and the Miltanks added. For those of you not familiar with the deck you use Empoleon for its draw power and its ability two hit KO anything in the format for one energy, Miltank as a secondary attacker doing 80 damage for one energy so long as you have a Stage 2 in play, and Dusknoir to move the damage around on your opponents Pokemon to conserve damage and set up KOs.

I’m pulling this idea out of storage to play at an upcoming League Challenge as I think many are planning to try out new fire decks or Pyroar techs because of the novelty factor.

So I am trying to decide what changes to make with the new cards in XY and Flashfire. I will probably swap out the Silver Bangles for Muscle Bands, and the Tool Scrapper for Surprise Megaphone. I also plan to switch my ball counts to 3 Level and 4 Ultra since Miltank can’t be searched by Level Ball.

I want to work in Pal Pad but I am not sure what to remove for it. Any suggestions?


I think your supporter line is fine, I don’t think pal pad would be necessary. The silver bangle is a tough one… On one hand you don’t use and ex pokemon on the other it’s useless if your not battling an ex pokemon. I think it really depends on your current meta. I think that if your planning on combating a lot of pyroar maybe muscle band should be your choice. The biggest problem is if you find yourself doing the tango with pyroar and archeops. You would have to hope you can get set up faster than that deck because miltank is useless without a stage two…well the whole deck falls apart if you can’t evolve. On that note I would suggest adding lysandre to your supporter line in case you have to take out that archeops. I would take out float stone. I have faced this deck before in the past, have you had problems when it comes to decking out?


I am not too worried about archeops around here. I think I would rather accept a loss against that than risk messing up my supporter line.

Now that you bring it up, I had considered swapping out my float stones for switches or escape ropes. I need something to get Duskull/Dusknoir out of the active if I have the misfortune to start with it.

As for decking out, I have come close a few games but I have never lost by decking out. Running two Super Rods and careful use of N and Colress to shuffle a large hand back into a thinning deck prevents that. I have however lost a few games where having every remaining card in my deck still didn’t provide me with what I needed to win, but that isn’t unique to Empoleon.


How does miltank work


Hmm… Taking out Leafeons… I like it. You’re swinging with 80+ as early as turn two, where otherwise you’d be lucky to hit 60 by that time with Leafeon. I think I’m gonna try that.


[quote=“Verrain, post:1, topic:453”]
Miltank as a secondary attacker doing 80 damage for one energy so long as you have a Stage 2 in play [/quote]

That is the relevant info on Miltank, PokemonGeek. You are trading the variable damage of a Leafeon or a Flareon for the steady 80 damage of the Miltank provided you can keep your Empoleon’s alive.

I suspect against decks that pack on lots of energy and keep it on, like Vir/Gen, Lugia Plasma and Yveltal, I am going to miss Leafeon’s 20 damage per opponent’s energy a lot. I will also miss him against the grass weak of course. But streaming Miltanks will be much easier than keeping Leafeons in play. I am hoping that will make the difference.

    4	Piplup (DE 27)	
2	Prinplup (LT 34)	
4	Empoleon (PF 117)	
3	Miltank (FF 83)	
2	Duskull (BC 61)	
2	Dusknoir (BC 63)	
1	Exeggcute (PF 4)	
1	Terrakion (BC 151)	
1	Pikachu (XY 42)	
1	Raichu (XY 43)	

3	Professor Juniper (PF 116)	
3	N (NV 101)	
2	Skyla (BC 149)	
2	Colress (PS 135)	
1	Shauna (XY 127)
    2	Level Ball (ND 89)	
2	Ultra Ball (PF 122)	
1	Town Map (BC 136)	
2	Energy Switch (LT 112)	
4	Rare Candy (PB 85)	
1	Lysandre (FF 104)	
2	Switch (BW 104)	
1	Dowsing Machine (PS 128)	
1	Super Rod (DRV 20)	
2	Muscle Band (XY 121)	
1	Silver Bangle (PB 88)	
2	Startling M phone (FF 97)	

4	Blend Energy WLFM (DR 118)	
3	Water Energy (BW 107)	



Terrakion isn’t all that good any more. Darkrai is more of a Bench sitter than a main attacker these days and some Yveltal decks don’t even use him. It’s certainly not worth running 4 Blends for one in any case . . . that’s just Energy you can’t get back with Super Rod. I’d drop Terrakion and Raichu and use the space for more Lysandre/Ultra Ball/Super Rod

Shauna is such a mediocre card. you’re better off with another N or Colress.


I concur with baby_mario. I find using any attacker that needs more than one energy just breaks the flow of the deck especially when you are running such a low energy count. Definitely find room for a second super rod. I’ve never found energy switch to be very useful. Usually I focus on a high count of Switch/Escape Rope and just bring up a powered attacker rather than switching the energy.

4	Piplup (DE 27)	
2	Prinplup (LT 34)	
4	Empoleon (PF 117)	
3	Miltank (FF 83)	
2	Duskull (BC 61)	
2	Dusknoir (BC 63)	
1	Exeggcute (PF 4)	

3	Professor Juniper (PF 116)	
3	N (NV 101)
2	Skyla (BC 149)	
3	Colress (PS 135)	
2	Level Ball (ND 89)	
3	Ultra Ball (PF 122)	
1	Town Map (BC 136)	
4	Rare Candy (PB 85)	
2	Lysandre (FF 104)	
3	Switch (BW 104)	
1	Dowsing Machine (PS 128)
2	Super Rod (DRV 20)	
2	Muscle Band (XY 121)	
1	Silver Bangle (PB 88)	
2	Startling M phone (FF 97)	
1	Escape Rope (PS 120)	

7	Water Energy (BW 107)

revised it, thoughts?


Much better. You might want to tinker with your Supporter line though. I always play 4 Skyla in a deck that needs to stream Stage 2 Pokemon simply to maximize my chances of getting that turn 2 Rare Candy or search card I need to get Empoleon into play. However, this number of Skyla is based on mild paranoia as opposed to rigorous testing to find the optimal number of Skyla. I still think 2 Skyla is too little though. I’d drop one Switch for a third Skyla.


I haven’t tested much with this, but I feel Quad-Miltank is essential.


I personally prefer 4 Miltank because I like maximizing my chances of starting with it, but you can get away with three if there is a tech or consistency card you just have to squeeze into your deck.


Space is tight, and 3 Miltank certainly does enough, especially with the 2 Super Rods you should be playing.


I tested this deck a lot (seriously at least 100 games). I would use switches instead of float stones for laser flips. Also, you’ll need a minimum of 2 Startling Megaphones or scappers. While I like this deck a lot, without Tropical Beach it won’t survive. Even with beaches I noticed that slow starts ruin the game against the two best and most popular decks Yveltal/Garb and VirGen. Also suggest a Sigilyph instead of exeggcute so you can wall against EX while setting up.


Just a thought - I’d drop maybe one switch for a Dusclops - only because sometimes your rare candies are a rare commodity and won’t be able to use them for your Dusknoir. Being able to slow evolve my Dusknoir while focusing on the rest of my setup has been crucial for me in a few games.


[quote=“matt7, post:15, topic:453, full:true”]
without Tropical Beach it won’t survive.[/quote]
I disagree completely. I have access to 0 Beaches and this deck still runs smooth as butter.

What?!!! Propagation + Diving Draw is literally the best combo in the game. I would take out my heart before taking out Exeggcute.


Here’s my list if you guys would like to critique it. :smiley: I’ve been playing this deck for a while now and feel like I have a good list down.

4 Piplup
1 Prinplup
4 Empoleon
2 Duskull
1 Duskclops
2 Dusknoir
2 Miltank
1 Exeggcute
1 Sawk

4 Skyla
2 Juniper
2 Colress
2 N

4 Rare Candy
3 Level Ball
3 Ultra Ball
3 Muscle Band
2 Silver Bangle
2 Tool Scrapper
1 Switch
1 Escape Rope
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Town Map
1 Super Rod
1 Sacred Ash
1 Max Potion
1 Dowsing Machine

7 Water


Don’t bother with Sawk or Max Potion. Your Pokemon will be getting OHKO’d and you don’t need Sawk. You also don’t need 2 Dusknoir or a Dusclops. I’d take out those 3 cards for 2 N’s and a Water Energy. I’d also take out the Sacred Ash for a Super Rod (Rod is just better). And you can take out the Max Potion for a second Prinplup.


Whaaaaat? Sawk is for the Plasma matchup (Thundurus). You absolutely need two Dusknoir, or else it’s going to be prized far more often than not. Having Dusclops is huge as it lets me take my time with setting up the Dusknoir, and 99% of the time, you don’t need Dusknoir until at least turn 3.