Email Notifications for New Articles


I’m in the process of revamping the system I use for sending mass emails out (like the newsletter and Underground article notifications) and was wondering what kind of preferences you all have in terms of receiving emails.

There are a bunch of possible subscription options, but I’m trying to narrow things down:

  • Email notification for every new article published
    • Instant notification for new Underground articles only
  • Weekly digest of new articles (along with news/announcements)
  • Underground snippets

I’m not really sure what is most convenient for everyone. Ideally there would be just one email that goes out to everyone weekly, but I feel like there is a need for instant notification of UG articles since information can be time sensitive and the articles aren’t always published at a consistent time of day/week.

Also, it’s a little weird for me to include Underground snippets in the weekly newsletter if I want Underground subscribers to receive it too. (They shouldn’t be sold on UG if they are already a member.) I’m not sure how to deal with that.

Let me know if you have any preferences or requests. Any feedback on this matter would be helpful!


you could have 2 emails one for UG member and one for non UG members the one for UG members can not have the spinets where others could


How much does everyone want to see snippets? I’m almost considering getting rid of them since they’re mostly what is causing the conflict. Here is what I’m currently thinking of offering as far as email subscriptions:

  • Instant New Article Notification
    • All New Articles
    • Underground Only
  • Weekly Newsletter (or Bimonthly)

The newsletter would have announcements and news, then a listing of all the new articles published since the last newsletter. Maybe I give a quick description of each article.

I want anyone to be able to get the newsletter (regardless of whether they are an Underground member) because I want to include news + announcements (since I don’t post that kind of stuff to the front page). I’m not sure snippets really belong there. I open up a good chunk of most articles directly on the front page (more than I used to), so snippets might not even be necessary.


Alright, I’ve gone ahead and made some judgment calls on everything. I want to keep stuff simple, so here’s the email management page:

The user registration form will have those notification options too. Key points:

  • I’m intending for the notifications to function almost as tweets. They’re going to contain the title of the article and link and that’s it. I’ve come realize social media doesn’t always work that well for keeping people (especially the Pokemon TCG community) informed of new content, and I want to see if email works better for this purpose.

  • No more snippets. There is a good portion of every Underground article available for free viewing (usually around half) and I doubt the snippets make a big difference at this point in selling the program.

  • I don’t know if there’s still much need for a weekly newsletter. If there are no snippets, then all that’s left to include is news, announcements, and a recap of articles from the past week.
    - The recap of articles would only be relevant to a casual user. (I’m hoping most people either opt for the instant notification or visit the site on their own periodically. Both those parties will be versed on recent content.) Is a casual user even going to opt to join a mailing list? And we probably average only like 3 articles a week anyway, so it’s hard to miss that much.

    • News and announcements I’d rather post publicly so everyone can see them instead of being relegated to inboxes. I want to keep that stuff off the front page though and instead on the BBS, which unfortunately means less people will see. I’m not sure it’s worth having a separate mailing list for mostly small news updates (I don’t know if anyone would want to subscribe to that). Most 6P updates aren’t that important and Pokemon TCG news spreads through social media.


I don’t know about others, but I rarely check my email. I’m the type of user who visits 6P daily anyway.


Thanks for the input. I think there are a few types of users:

  1. Those who check the site daily (like you) and don’t need emails
  2. Those who pop in every once in a while and are indifferent about emails
  3. Those who only visit when they see a link to an article somewhere (social media, email)

A lot of people do check their email (about 40% on the mailing list typically open any email that is sent out).