Elite Four Challenge Australia


Hello everyone! We are Emma, Sam, and Ash, judges & competitive players from Tasmania. We are running a big Pokemon event in Hobart at the end of January (27th & 28th) called the Elite Four Challenge, with the support of Good Games Hobart and Good Games BattleAxe.

There will be heaps of championship points to be won over the weekend between two League Cups, two League Challenges, two Premier Challenges (VGC) and two Midseason Showdowns (VGC). There will also be activities, side events, Ultra Prism prereleases, and more! If this year goes well, we hope to make it an annual event similar in size to a Regionals.

Like & follow our Facebook page for more information! www.facebook.com/E4AUS

Pre-book tickets here (transport tickets are seperate to entry- if you need transport to and from the venue, book both tickets): www.eventbrite.com.au/e/e4-preregistration-tickets-39827057802

Any questions please send us a FB message (preferred) or reply to this thread. Hope to see you there :slight_smile: