Eeveelutions Variants // BCR-on

4 Deoxys EX (PF 53)
4 Eevee (FI 80)
3 Vaporeon (PF 20)
2 Leafeon (PF 11)
2 Espeon (PF 48)
1 Kyurem (PF 31)
Pokemon 16

2 Professor’s Letter (XY 123)
2 Switch (BC 135)
3 N (NV 101)
4 Professor Juniper (PF 116)
2 Skyla (BC 149)
2 Colress (PS 135)
3 Colress Machine (PS 119)
3 Team Plasma Ball (PF 105)
1 Silver Bangle (PB 88)
2 Muscle Band (XY 121)
1 Dowsing Machine (PS 128)
4 Ultra Ball (DE 102)
1 Sacred Ash (FF 96)
1 Energy Retrieval (PB 80)
Trainers 31

4 Plasma Energy (PF 106)
3 Psychic Energy (BW 109)
2 Grass Energy (BW 105)
4 Water Energy (BW 107)
Energy 13

The strategy of the deck is to get out Eevee and counter whatever your opponent is using.

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I don’t see what is the counter and why wouldn’t you run Flareon?

Vaporeon counters Landorus and Charizard, Leafeon counters Seismitoad, Espeon snipes Trubbish.

I probably would cut down on some of the evveelutions; maybe a 2/1/1 Vaporeon/Leafeon/Espeon split?
Honestly I think you need some Flareon to counter Virizion/Genesct decks, will rise in popularity due to Seismetoad. But adding Flareon kind of creates a need for DCE and/or Audino. I also don’t think Leafeon would be the best Toad counter…
But, great idea; I love the deck. Good luck and have fun with it! :smile: (I’ll also post my take on a deck list soon, just need to give it a bit more thought).

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I personally really like Evosoda in this deck instead of ultra ball since you aren’t running flareon

EDIT: Or at least a 2-2 split of the two

With this Eevee:
Evosoda is kinda overkill.

I would drop 2 ultra balls and add 1 more letter and 1 more team plasma ball.

With no level ball, you really need another search card
Evosoda would have to be that card because Great Ball and Poke Ball are both too inconsistent.

Oops did’t see @themiraclemeat’s comment about the FI Eevee. Evosoda isn’t nessecary and I would go a 2/3 Ultra/Plasma Ball split.

My revised list:

4 Deoxys EX (PF 53)
4 Eevee (FI 80)
3 Vaporeon (PF 20)
2 Leafeon (PF 11)
1 Espeon (PF 48)
2 Flareon (PF 12)
Pokemon 16

2 Professor’s Letter (XY 123)
2 Switch (BC 135)
4 N (NV 101)
4 Professor Juniper (PF 116)
1 Skyla (BC 149)
3 Colress (PS 135)
4 Colress Machine (PS 119)
3 Team Plasma Ball (PF 105)
1 Silver Bangle (PB 88)
2 Muscle Band (XY 121)
1 Dowsing Machine (PS 128)
3 Ultra Ball (DE 102)
1 Sacred Ash (FF 96)
1 Lysandre (FF 90)
Trainers 32

4 Plasma Energy (PF 106)
1 Psychic Energy (BW 109)
1 Grass Energy (BW 105)
3 Water Energy (BW 107)
2 Rainbow Energy (XY 131)
1 Fire Energy (BW 106)
Energy 12

Question, If Shadow Ball hits the Active With Deoxys on the bench does it do more?
Since Deoxys Ability says ten more to the active

Also what examples are you using? most people say no beacuse of darkrai kyurem and landorus but those all hit the bench so they dont count.

personally i think it would since glaciate kyurem with muscle band does 50 to active and 30 to everyone else
Does Cursed Drop have the ability to hit Pokémon on the bench even with Mr. Mime in play because it lets you put damage counters down instead of a straight snipe attack, like Night Spear? Also, what happens if you knock out a Pokémon in the middle of using Cursed Drop? Do you act like the damage comes down one at a time or all as a group?

Kyle Sucevich • 9 months ago
Cursed Drop places damage counters instead of doing direct damage, so it gets past Bench Barrier. You complete the action of placing the four damage counters, and then you go from there.

James Lancaster to Kyle Sucevich • 6 months ago
Does muscle band increase the damage of curse drop?

Kyle Sucevich to James Lancaster • 6 months ago
Cursed Drop doesn’t do damage, so no.

Question, If Shadow Ball hits the Active With Deoxys on the bench does it do more?
Since Deoxys Ability says ten more to the active.
A: Yes. So that’s 50 dmg to the active, but only 40 dmg if you hit the bench instead.

Sorry, but Glaciate certainly does hit the active Pokemon for 20 extra damage with Muscle Band attached.


(PokeGym’s Ask the Rules Team is as ‘official’ as it gets).

I spent and hour looking for that.

  1. Muscle Band will add to damage done to the Active Pokemon, not to the Benched Pokemon.

Your Team Plasma Pokémon’s attacks (excluding Deoxys-EX) do 10 more damage to the Active Pokémon (before applying Weakness and Resistance).
Therefore Deoxy EX’s ability only adds 10 dmg if the player attacks the active pokemon, not the bench.

Thanks for the clarification.

After looking at the furious fist cards i found this interesting combination using the new flygon the old flygon and the new eevees/eeveeloutions
I don’t have a list at the moment working on one now
but the concept is the new flygon has the attack rainbow shower witch can attack as many engery you like during your turn.
This works works with the new eevee’s ability that states when you attack an enegery from you hand you can search your deck for an eeveeloution that evolves form eevee with the same type of engery.
the other kind of flygon from boundaries crossed can be used used fro extra damage

I will have a list up in a couple of days

I don’t really understand why you would want this combo.
Energy shower requires you to have the energy in hand so that would have to be retrieved and it would need to be the correct energy for the eeveevolution you want (assuming you are running more than the 2 usual ones) so this wont be easy to achieve early on in the game assuming you want a T2 Energy shower.
You’d also need a few eevees to make the energy shower worthwhile but I don’t think it works well because there aren’t many good eeveevolutions (Leafeon PLF/Flareon PLF are the ones I’m thinking) and most of the attacks are for one energy or aren’t worth powering up the pokemon for.
You gain nothing by swarming eeveevolutions and if your opponent had a card you had a counter for then all you have to do is attach the energy needed and counter it making Flygon redundant.

I know there isn’t a list and it needs fleshing out but I don’t think your going to win a game with just eeveevolutions because their damage output is based on flips/your opponent/your discard and that means you get very little damage output. Flygon BCR doesn’t cut it and it’s attack isn’t very good either.

If your dead set on a eevee deck I’d maybe try using Virizion EX/Mewtwo EX/Eevees as it would give acceleration as well as increased damage output and adding more counters to the mix.
I don’t think Flygon is good enough even if you hit the T2 energy shower on 4 eevee’s and Quadra evolve.

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this was a fun combo i found not what i plan on using as a my main deck
Working on possible lists nows