Eeveelution Deck


Hey guys! I’m a Poké-Noob and I need deck help! I was wondering if I could make a playable Eeveelution deck. I have some of the Slyveon Exes and a Leafeon EX and a Umbreon EX. I need help!!! Thanks!!


All 3 of those aren’t really strong enough to be a deck by itself, but you could fit them into a couple of decks as a tech. Umbreon GX and Espeon GX have more potential to be stars than the EX eeveelutions you mentioned

Leafeon EX could be played in Lurantis Vileplume for instance or Umbreon-ex could be played in Rainbow Road [Xerneas Rainbow Force] or as a potential ninjaboy target. Neither is really a star though and if you really want an eeveelutions based deck, Id recommend looking at the GXs


Thanks for the response! Now I have another question. To evolve my Umbreon to an EX, could I go from Eevee, then EX or have to get a regular Umbreon card first. Thanks


“EX” Pokemon don’t evolve

“GX” Pokemon do

So to answer your question, it depends. If you have an Umbreon “GX” you need an eevee to evolve from, there is an eevee which allows you to evolve instantly though in Sun and Moon making it not difficult to use. If you have an Umbreon “EX” you don’t need to evolve, its a basic and you can play it down immediately


Not true. Take a look at mega’s they “evolve” from a basic EX. The new sun and moon eevee like stated above is necessary for decks that use eeveelutions.


The Sun and Moon Eevee can’t evolve into Jolteon EX though.