Early PRC-on Discussion

Hi Guys,

What do you think it is a good alternative to use with M Mewtwo-EX now that we lost aromatize ?

Maybe play it with magnezone ?

@OshaWaterBottle, I think you know the routine. Anyway, @naner, we have a Mega mewtwo Y thread.

where ? I cant find it.


this is not for 2017 pos rotation.

That would be because PRC-on doesn’t exist yet. There’s a standard thread and an expanded thread, and PRC-on currently doesn’t meet the criteria of either of those.

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Technically, it does exist as a format, just not as the current standard format. PRC-on has been announced as a format but only will be in use starting Sep 1. Unfortunately @naner we do not have permission (that I know of at least) to create threads with the PRC-on format.


Maybe we could have a single thread for PRC-on ideas? Or is it just idle chatter?


One deck I’ve been thinking of is an EX Boxy kind of thing that uses attackers that can abuse DCE/DDE/Strong Energies. Not sure if it would be any good, but still. It’s a thought.

Well, yes, it is normal to focus on whatever can deal a lot of damage for 1 or 2 attachments when the format is uncertain (Fighting ;)).


Im thinking about giving Primal Groudon a go PRC-on with Carbink Break to accelerate setup. Seems like a sweet deal.

Could also try something leaner like Carbink Break with Regirock AOR and Regirock promo. Hard to go past P Groudon’s HP though

You also still have wobb as well.

Mega Ray? 2020202020



Quad zoroark, jolteon/glaceon variants, darkgarb, turbotina, andmaybe volcanion although I don’t think it will do that well against decks with garb. I think it’s worth mentioning raichu is gonna be pretty good against a lot along with vileplume and jirachi because of a lot of decks high special energy and item reliance. Sadly vileplume loses az, so Olympia or hex may be needed as for greninja, things look gloomy without band, xerosic, or megaphone

Kyogre may be good after rotation.

I know the lack of tool removal leaves Alakazam licking its chops.

I know that Alakazam’s reliance on abilities leaves Garbodor licking its chops. :wink:

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Lysandre and hoopa sts answer easily

Hoopa? How does that help with garbodor?

Hoopa from Steam Siege can do 20 damage to 2 of the opponent’s Pokemon for [C], allowing M Alakazam-EX (or, on an unrelated note, Greninja BKP) to Knock Out an 80-HP Garbodor the following turn with the help of Lysandre.

I do not consider such an answer easy, though.