E-HL (Worlds 2004) TCGOne Play Testing Group


The E-HL (Worlds 2004) format has recently been my favorite format. It is quite a skilled-based format, with Delcatty + Oracle grabbing what you need to set-up. There are also a lot of archetypes in the format, allowing for many different playstyles. The format is supported on TCGOne, but it usually takes me a bit of time in order to find a battle, with most opponents using non-competitive decks. I’m trying to create a play-testing group for the format, as the format is quite fun. :slight_smile:

Group Members:

  • WartortleFan
  • Ivysaurman
  • theniceracoon

IS one of them Delcatty/Gadevoir?

These are some successful decks from
that format:

Blaziken/Blaziken ex/Rayquaza ex
Swampert/Swampert ex/Suicune ex
Gardevoir/Gardevoir ex
Walrein HL/Milotic HL
Shiftry HL
Wailord ex/Bellossom

The first five of these decks ran Delcatty. Information on these decks will soon be posted in the Past subforum.

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Yup! Walrein/Milotic is a bit dated in the current format, with Blaziken & some Gardevoir teching Bellossom (HL) in. For that reason, I’d use Ninetales-ex or Arcanine (SS) with Walrein.

Here are some of the other lesser-played decks of the format:

Gorebyss variants (usually with Crobat HL, Metagross HL, or Gardevoir/Gardevoir ex.)
Metagross (HL) variants
Medicham (HL)/Lanturn (HL) variants (Adam took this to Top 32 at Worlds. Some variants use Banette HL to have better Magma and Gardevoir matchups.)
Sceptile variants
Team Aqua variants
Machamp (HL) variants
Jumpluff (AQ) variants
Exploud (HL) variants

Pooka’s list:

Thought it could be helpful for anyone interested.


I’ll join the group. Never played that format before, but I’m open to new (or old) things.

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Woah… So many old cards! XD

I am surprised it doesn’t use a Delcatty engine.

I am glad more people are looking into this format! :smiley:

I’ll join this format is extremely fun and using old exs is a lot different from the EXs of today.

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Does anyone want to play now its been really slow on tcgone.

I might be able to play tomorrow around 5:00PM EST. If anyone else wants to bring out their decks during that time, feel free to have a match with me! :slight_smile: