Dropoff in participation among the forum


Hey y’all, long time no see. It’s been a while since I dropped ptcg to move to pvgc and Ill still roam the forums here occasionally just to check on the current meta and see how y’all are doing in events. I’ve noticed sixprizes has been having a lack of people posting anything other than results in the forum(there are exceptions). I just wanted to know if the admins are going to push for community engagement to the levels sixprizes once had(even if the topics were a bit weird cough prank decks like rotom wishiwash)*. Sixprizes is known for being a competitive forum and I believe the creators of the site can focus a bit more on community interaction. Some suggestions could be polls, questions of the week/day and other similar things.

-Bunnyrich signing out.


At this point in time, it seems the PTCG groups have just consolidated beyond the point of a smaller forum like this being pertinent. That is, why attempt to foster competitive discussion with 20-50 others maximum here, when you can cultivate that same discussion with 10,000+ in heyfonte?


I get your point, but is not it the idea of having a closed forum like this? Instead of the noise on Hey Fonte and the likes to have a more focused and why not more competent discussion?

But on the other hand it’s on the readers to discuss, if no one is commenting on the articles posted there’s not much the admins can do.


The discussion on heyfonte is certainly competitent. There is no larger conglomeration of the game’s best players than within that Facebook group; this is strengthened even more so by the community collaborative weekly Q&A done there. Most top players don’t sub to premium article sites as they have no use for them and likewise wouldn’t frequent the forums.