Dragonair, a surprising hero


… which is why I said that I’ll try it after shaymin is rotated


? I’m confused, why would you want to play dragonair when shaymin-EX isn’t on the table?
I mean, I get the whole drilling for ranger thing that your opponent can do, but if you wanna play it without shaymin you aren’t going to get nearly as much worth out of it.


Shaymin just runs through your deck allowing you to setup very quickly. Without shaymin things will (hopefully) be much slower allowing you to use Dragonair to set up without worries or them setting up quickly +lysandre-ing or using Pokémon ranger. Idk how easy it is going to be without level ball to set up the Dragonair, but I’ll try. It’s not like I’m hyping Dragonair as the next top-tier deck once shaymin is gone, I’m just going to try it.


I can understand BA Gardy, but Mewtwo? MMOO2 only plays 7-8 basic energy, and max you can only get 2-3 on the board with dragonair. also, in mewtwo, you never spend over 3 basic energy on 1 mewtwo, or else you will over extend your resources. But Gardy seems OK for a dragonair partner, but might hurt the consistency-turbo-energy-doo hickie thingamajig gameplan for BA Gardy.


Mega Mewtwo psychic infinity could still work with it as it says as many energy. Not basic. You could potentially power up 2-3 m mewtwo on bench


Assuming you even hit that many energy cards. There’s no way to search out special energies in this format.


dragonair fits into darktina quite nicely (removing max elixirs), can also cut down to 1 tina as A) tina isn’t very dominant, hence a lot of players don’t tech for it atm. B) dratina no.2 prevents prizing the tina and not being able to place dde.
Dragonair also play the 7 prize game in said darktina.
I recall some1 asking for a list?: Wanted to post a list so the topic moves a little away from raw speculation.
2-2 dragonair
3 darkrai-EX
1 Giratina-EX
2 Shaymin-EX
1 oranguru (paranoia of Tsareena plus its kinda neat)
1 wobbufet (paranoia of vileplume)
9 dark
4 dde (I figured standard darktina counts would do at this stage)
4 sycamore
4 N
2 Lysandre
4 vs seeker
4 Trainers’ mail
4 ultra ball
3 professor’s letter
2 nest ball
1 level ball
1 exp. share
2 float stone
1 fury belt (not a big deal as its only for the hp)
1 escape rope (jolteon >.> but it is only a threat when setup first cause lysandre-OHKO > jolteon)
2 parallel city (doing parallel city shenanigans)
Please don’t focus too much on card choice as that’s not really the point of this page.


my prediction came true. Whoo. [quote=“Latte1504, post:35, topic:10225”]
It will not matter in the long run.

Look what happened now. And the haters are wrong.although jirachi did cnage his mind eventually [quote=“jirachi123, post:43, topic:10225”]
I’m just going to try it.


Dragon air has like, one league cup result, an I stated that I would try it after rotation. Also, the fact that all of this was a few months before GRI changes everything about the convwrsation.


yes that is true but it still proves the haters wrong


You didn’t really prove the “haters” wrong. Dragonair’s still not good. A few league cup results isn’t enough to justify a deck as “good” and “proved the haters wrong”