Dragonair, a surprising hero


My solgaleo-GX? Well, I generally don’t play it as my strat to avoid it fainting…


It’s just like shaymin you are risking a knockout in order to get cards in this you are risking for AS MANY TRICK IN ENERGY YOU CAN GET


ok in actual seriousness, play the flipping 7 prize game, use EX tanks, or alternatively xern break, but that’s bulky enough to justify a prize. Does dragonair have to stay alive for its attack to stay in effect?


No dragonair does not. Once you use the attack you are set


okay, cause that’s the only reason I could see for this continued rejection of the card being good. I mean, don’t play a dragonite deck around it, play any comboing mon you like, e.g. huntail, xern B, Yveltal, Darkrai, Trevenant-EX!!!, Eeveelutions (the whole package, use that letter to search an umbreon and a vaporeon to wreck those volcanions!). This thing is versatile.


You are literally the ONLy person I know of that sees eye to eye with me on the dragonair


Ya this seems very under the carpet I think this thread might be the only place to find strategies for this card. I just looked and ya nobody knows. That could explain why slashandsmash and jirachi123 are so opposed to this. I mean it does seem a little strange for someone to just start saying that a unexpected card could change the meta


Your opponent just drops ranger and you waste an attack from Dragonair. I don’t care if not a lot of decks don’t play ranger, it’s the fact that they COULD play ranger.


Why exactly are you so opposed what deck do you run


Haven’t decided yet for Anaheim.


But us every deck has a counter. All. Dragonair could be used most likely as a rogue but it still could. Good luck in Anaheim. I’m still deciding for salt lake regionals


Like I said earlier all decks have counters. So what if dragonair has some build your deck to accommodate it. I say if you can support a 2-2 dragonair line or 1-1 or even 3-3 or 4-4 go ahead


Yea we are waaay past the stage of this game where stage one setting up through attacks were good (Greninja being the exception)
TBH, I feel the card has a lot of potential… in a different format. Right now too many deck just setup turn two without needed a stage one and you can’t really afford to be a few turns behind your opponent. Plus too many things could go wrong. What if you can’t draw energy? What if you can’t get Dragonair? What if they ranger? What if they KO pokemon on the bench and take easy prizes while you’re still setting up? This game is way to fast-paced ATM to allow this card to be really good. I will definetly try combos with this card once things like shaymin and vs seeker are rotated.


For sure I am going to continue using it as it does have that surprise factor


You all do realize that this only works for 1 turn, right? It will not matter in the long run.


Actually it does matter as many energy as you want will flood the bench with energy powering up most pokemon.
It does matter in the long un because this gives you a severe advantage. Dragonair could be a really good tech in m mewtwo or brilliant arrow gard


The other advantage of using Solgaleo-GX over Dragonair (besides the fact that Ranger won’t stop it) is that it searches out the energy cards from your deck for you. With Dragonair, you can only play down as many as you’re able to get into your hand next turn. I haven’t tested either card, so I can’t say from experience which is better, but instinct has me more optimistic about Solgaleo. Still, if Ranger isn’t being played (though it would be if Dragonair ever became popular) then I suppose Dragonair could have some potential in a deck built intelligently around it.


In my opinion, you would have to use dragon wish at the right moment. Your opponent will see it coming and maybe use ranger or N or delinquent to disrupt you.

If you can get the setup going then the payoff is great though. High risk high reward.

Solgaleo involves less risk, but not everyone is crazy about GXs or EXs.

Just a quick list of things that Solgaleo and Dragonair can setup:

Turbo darkrai
Yveltal EX
Dragonite ROS
Gigalith SM (difficult)
Genesect EX
Mega Steelix

Solgaleo is just better at this job than dragonair. But I’m the type of person that enjoys playing non EXs more so I would try to flood the field with energy with dragonair just for fun.

I wouldn’t be so quick to call it a really good card. Use it if you enjoy using it. I know i make a lot of bad deck ideas (Past friends Chandelure, Pangoro BKP/ Diance EX, Ho Oh EX) but I love playing these decks because they are different!

I would definitely use dragonair over Solgaleo because it makes you think more about your engine and setup. Seeing potential in obvious cards that are good like Tauros GX and Lurantis GX is not as impressive as seeing a potentially bad deck idea actually win matches.

Build your dragonair deck and post it. It may not be the best idea, but at the end of the day you can think outside the box and level up your deck building skills in the process.


Thank you for the ideas. I will continue using my dragonair deck


Who runs ranger??? -> basically only a 1-of in volcanion (don’t give me bs about vespiquen playing it, players who run ranger in vespiquen decks… yeah, those players…). Finding this 1-of copy will prove difficult to do given only 2 turns. N.B. If they see it, dragonair player can N it away.
More to the point, anyone COULD play against a Tsareena (luvdisc/glameow) deck and get locked.

Shaymin turbo-ing for energy is preferable to playing in a format where you can only make 4 energies off of dragonair at best.

Low risk high reward*
For a deck to be based around this, N isn’t going to disrupt it. This factor alone takes out about 80-90% of all the copies of cards that you listed, as Ranger and delinquent aren’t exactly staples.
Also, PocketEnix, you missed out xernB and huntail :sob: