Dragonair, a surprising hero


Like pyukumuku at the prerelease I actually used a dragonair as well(not dragonite). Dragons wish the only thing dragonair is good for is an amazing attack. With something to make dragonair not so delicate you can be attaching a lot of energy. Find your professors letters super rods and get as many energy in your hand as possible than use dragons wish and attach them all to any pokemon of your choosing. With vikavolt you can attach an extreme amount of your energy. If dragonair gets knocked out it does not matter you set up massively and that is what matters. Knocking out dragonair after a single or two dragons wishes will unleash a flood of power from your bench. M mewtwo would sweep anything. You could use dragonair to turn the game around literally. This is a card that if used right could be a massive threat for any team.


Or you could knockout the Dratini before it becomes a Dragonair. Dragonair is bad.


Duration stays on bench where you can wally or episode. There are stadiums to prevent your bench as well


Lysandre says hello.


Yes but lysandre does not always come to play. If you keep larger more bulky targets on the bench you should be fine


Pokémon ranger shuts off Dragonairs attack then Dragonair dies no point arguing this anymore


Pokemon ranger is not always,used. I have not been seeing as many decks using ranger


Well obviously it isn’t always used. But then again I haven’t seen many decks running dragonair

I wonder why


The set has only been out 6 days. It will come around and more cards will be used such as volatile as bystander which can become more popular. Most people will follow the herd in deck strategies only a while after the set comes out these additional strategies will branch out. I have seen this happen with multiple sets


And Dragonair will not become one of these cards.


Dragonair from SM can definitely help out the dragonite from roaring skies which cost five energy to attack. Maybe you could combine it with a vikavolt engine:

Professors letter
Dragonair SM
Exp share

Could work. I like your deck concepts.

Also whats with people pointing out obvious counters? Every setup can be destroyed with the right check so why try to immediately name a counter to discourage this. This player has an idea and wanted to know others thoughts on the matter.

It’s pretty clear we all have an understanding of the meta so when ideas come up like this, instead of saying x beats y, or x card does that, why not contribute to the idea? This isn’t the yugioh community right?

Honestly, do i think the card will see a lot of play? No.

Do i think a deck can be made with this card? Definitely.

Does a deck like this with the right engine become popular?

Probably not.

Have fun though.


Finally someone else sees potential in the card. It has been really good in many of my decks. And ya the vikavolt dragonair and dragonite is a good idea I will look into it


I actually made a Dragonite deck with this in and it was inconsistent. My list also included Dragonite SM and Octillery


This is about the dragonair to power up dragonite


We were also talking bout sm dragonair and ros dragonite


Holy s****, this thing is broken can’t believe I skimmed over it, building a deck on it right now, turbo dark is great again guys, shush I’m building a wall, what is this madness, wtf is going on, [c] to play every card in your hand, gimmi 4 shaymin and a kingdra-EX, y r smashanslash n’ jirachi13 hating on this, idk?


I really don’t know why they are hating. Another thing I don’t know is why I’m the only who has thought of it. Besides this single thread you Will find nothing else on it. But us once you get energy and dragonair you are set. Good luck with your deck


I really don’t know why everyone is trying to build bricky stage 2 decks with dragonair just because they see dragonite as its evolution. ANY ENERGY AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE, as a comparison, let’s talk about solgaleo-GX decks and how they have a GX attack which only gives you 5 energy…


Exactly you are one of the few smart ones on this thread. Sorry no offense slashandsmash and jirachi123 and even if dragonair faints the trade off was worth it


How do you A) plan on getting it out without dieting, and B) keep it alive?