DP-UL Tournament: Round 3 Due Saturday!

I would love to try a new format but I know nothing about it so I don’t know what deck I’ll play just yet

This is 2010 format right? If so we can use Jay’s article a few weeks ago.

yeah you can use his article

We need just one more person before we can start! Also, I need a deck choice from @Tsunami.

This is a great idea :smile:

I know playTCG is the preferred choice around here but just a head’s up: http://lackeyccg.com/pokemon/ has all cards from all formats readily available, no messing about with bebe’s search. Consider trying it out :slight_smile:

Edit: I didn’t realise you had a spare slot. Sign me up! (deck choice sent)

OK everyone, we’ve got everyone and their deck choices! Round one results will be due by next Thursday! This round will be longer than others because of Labor Day weekend and the fact that a lot of people (including myself) aren’t going to be around. Here are the pairings!

@Gelato vs. @PwnzorProd
@blargh257 vs. @Dialga625
@Tsunami vs. @Ivysaurman
@snoops vs. @pokemon46

Good luck to everyone and have fun!

Where am I? I signed up.

I don’t think it was clear you wanted to sign up, it just looks like a question. However, you commented before me, do you want to take my place?

I probably don’t have time to play, it’s fine.

Beat @Dialga625. Mirrors were kind of dumb back then.

@blargh257 it’s best of 3, we only played one game…

My bad, sorry.

[quote=“blargh257, post:30, topic:2241”]
Mirrors were kind of dumb back then[/quote]

Mirrors in the SP format were an excellent test of skill and deckbuilding. Probably the best I’ve come across in the years I’ve played.

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I can not figure out how to build the deck on bebesearch the only cards that show up are modified format

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were signing up, just thought it was a question.

I have instructions on how to access the older cards in the first post.

Apparently I can’t read thanks


I have a problem: Ralts: “Future Sight” … how do you view just top 5 of your deck and rearrange them without shuffling?

Draw 5 cards then put them back in whatever placement you want. Dusk ball works on the trust system :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol that sucks. Such a clunky way of doing it. Lackey has options for stuff like this, can we use that instead? (me and my opponent)