DP-UL Tournament: Round 3 Due Saturday!

So, with it becoming more and more popular for players to rebuild decks from older archetypes, I figured it would be a cool idea to create a tournament for an older format. The games would be played on PlayTCG, and I’ll show you how to access older cards on bebessearch.com later in the post. As for the tournament, I was thinking that we would play with the format DP-UL (Diamond & Pearl to Unleashed), which was played in 2009-2010. I am choosing this format for several reasons: first of all, you can only put cards from DP-on into decks, and this format is one of the most popular formats, due to the variance of archetypes and the skill that was necessary to play.

I think I’ll start by opening this up to 8 players, and if it is really popular possibly open up to 16. I will not be needing decklists for this, but I would appreciate it if you just PM’d me your deck choice (ex. "LuxChomp, or "Gyrados). I will not be playing in this tournament, and you will not be able to change decks throughout the tournament. As for instructions on how to access older cards on BebesSearch:

  1. Create a new deck on BebesSearch.
  2. Insert a random BLW-on card into the deck
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to the card.
  4. Click on the name of the card you just entered.
  5. A drop down list should appear. Search for the older card you want in your deck and adjust the quantity.
  6. Click the green check mark, and you’re done.

Remember that if you want to insert an Energy or Trainer, the BLW-on card you enter has to correspond.


  1. Dialga625 (deck choice received)
  2. Ivysaurman (deck choice received)
  3. PwnzorProd (deck choice received)
  4. blargh257 (deck choice received)
  5. Tsunami (deck choice received)
  6. Gelato (deck choice received)
  7. Pokemon46 (deck choice received)
  8. Snoops (deck choice received)

Sign me up please…

I’d like to sign-up, thanks!

I’ll play. It seems interesting.

I would like to join sign me up please.

I’ll join.

Will this be single games or best of 3?

Good question, the games will be Best of 3.

Also will we be playing with the rules of the DP set? Sorry for all the questions.

Yes, the tournament will be played using the rules that were used at that time.

I was just playing on playTCG, and some of the cards would not appear. Why is this? What will we do if this happens during a tournament match?

How many cards weren’t appearing? Also, if you click “view”, you should be able to see the card. If I’m thinking of the same situation you are. It also happens occasionally with new cards as well. Yes, I understand it is annoying, but it isn’t like you can’t play with it. If you already know what the cards do, it won’t be so much of a problem, but otherwise you could open up a scan of the card on a different tab. Luckily, not too many of the cards do this. Garchomp C and Expert Belt are among the cards that don’t show up, but not too many do this.

I’m in for sure. This seems fun!

Remember, I need you to PM me your deck choice (no need for lists) if you wish to participate in the tournament.

Expert belt shows up for me.

No, the image for the card(s) aren’t there, nor is a “card back”. I was testing out gyrados. Tomorrow ill see if there is still a problem.

Do you know approximately how much longer it will be before we start, because I have to go to sleep soon.

Huh, I guess it must be different for everyone then. Regardless, it isn’t like over half the cards are missing, just a couple here and there.

This tournament won’t be played in a day/night! It’ll probably be a couple weeks, so everyone has time to get their games in. We’ll start when we get 8 people to sign up and submit their deck choice, which shouldn’t take too long.

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oh ok then, thanks I thought I was going to have to stay up all night to play