"Double Duty" – Brent on Parenting a Junior + a Senior, The State of the Circuit, and a Midpoint Reflection on the Season


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Didn’t London have 8 rounds for seniors??


You know, I felt that way too, but apparently if there was I neglected to take any notes on it. I really thought we came out of that 5-3. Maybe someone can clean me up here.


Hi Brent - great article! I couldn’t agree more with you that something needs to be done about League Challenges for the younger set. Because of the best finish limits, competitive players will inherently skip them in favor of League Cups, which only further diminishes the potential number of players that would attend.

As evidenced by the ever growing sizes of the Regionals/Internationals, perhaps Pokémon doesn’t really feel the need to attract more Juniors and Seniors. But I personally believe that is a mistake.

I like your idea about increasing the Championship Points needed, but separating Leagues from the Cups. Another approach could be that Pokémon actually allow Play! Points to be converted into Championship Points at a some reasonable ratio (i.e. 2-1 or 3-1) to encourage attendance not only at Challenges, but also Pre-Releases as well.

Anything to encourage greater attendance would be a big improvement over the current state!