Doublade PRC Variants // BCR-on

So I watched Pooka’s video and was inspired to try this deck myself.

Warning! This is a Bad Deck Monday Deck for a reason. It will probably never be competitive, but for those looking for a new rogue deck, @kaworuscott or even a fun league deck (<-me), it could be worth a shot.

My first thought was this looks just like the Raticate BCR deck but with a coin flip and one less energy requirement. But with Dimensional Valley and Mew EX it’s a one energy requirement. So I modified what Pooka started and added some more synergy cards.

1 Honedge (PC 98)
2 Honedge (KSS 21)
3 Doublade (PC 99)
2 Victini (NV 98)
1 Jirachi EX (PB 98)
1 Mew EX (DR 120)
3 Zubat (PF 31)
2 Golbat (PF 32)
3 Crobat (PS 55)
1 Mr. Mime (PF 47)

4 Professor Juniper (PF 116)
4 N (NV 101)
1 Lysandre (FF 104)
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card (PF 118)
1 Shadow Triad (PF 102)

1 Computer Search (BC 137)
3 Dimension Valley (PF 93)
4 Hypnotoxic Laser (PS 123)
4 Ultra Ball (FF 99)
4 VS Seeker (PF 109)
3 Rare Candy (PB 85)
2 Evosoda (XY 116)
1 Switch (PC 163)
1 Escape Rope (PC 127)
1 Startling Megaphone (FF 97)

4 Double Colorless Energy (PF 111)
2 Metal Energy (XY 139)

The Crobat is this one:

Which is meant to be used as draw support only.

try slurpuff instead, it does the same but isnt a stage 2

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Slurpuff doesn’t work with Dimensional Valley and really the reason I included the Bat’s line is to use Zubat as a sniper if they retreat, crobat is just a nice bonus.

I was going to recommend Slupuff, as well, but the thing about the Zubat and Golbat part of the Crobat line is that they can KO with Sneaky Bite from the Zubat. You can also attack with the Zubat and the Golbat because they require colorless attacks, and it’s free when you have Dimensional Valley in play.

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Indeed, bats are incredible for taking out those last targets. I’d make a small change though:

  • 1 Rare Candy
  • 1 Golbat

The reason being that you chose bats over Slurpuff due to their sniping ability, so you’d want to maximize your chances of using it.

Yay, another deck that utilizes my favorite card!

Another way to play it is to use Milotic PRC to fetch out Lasers, with 1-2 B. Compressors to turn it to a search for any card (especially lasers).

You can also try the Victreebel variant which was shown on MikePTCGO’s YouTube channel.

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The new zewbat line seems better for a deck like this.

Actually, by playing the drawing-ability Crobat, he’s able to draw with the like of Slurpuff but having the Ability Sneaky Bite (Golbat) for KOing on his turn instead of using Hypnotoxic Laser or another attack.

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