Doswell, VA Regionals, February 12-13

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Chris beat me to it with the standings, but here are the decks for seniors top 8.

Seniors top 8 VA regs
Toad Tina
Trev gor
Toad bats
Toad Tina
Trev gor

Cuts looking pretty good for the Yveltal at 4th seed

which variant of yveltal? maxies targets or regular?

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Well, I think Damian is gonna take it because I played his list today, and it’s got good matchups across the board besides possibly trev Accelgor and that Sceptile kid. By the way, the Sceptile player played against SEVEN toad decks. Yveltal at 4th seed takes him, the toad Tina decks win, and toad bats wins against the other Yveltal deck. Toad bats takes either toad Tina or Yveltal (kinda), so it’s likely his.

Also, let’s all give @DatPiplup a round of applause for getting 9th with my Vespiquen Vileplume list. Rip the dream but you still did well.

@PhinnAndJoe 4th seed is straight with assault vest, and 3rd is Maxie.

Thanks, Charlie. I went out like a good 'ol buster. Riperoni Pizza.


If Damien is playing ToadBats, I don’t see how he gets past top 4 unless his opponent plays terribly. Toad Gira generally rolls ToadBats. Him beating Yveltal is quite the toss up as well, so he has to get past that first.

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Our list rolls Maxie Yveltal and toad Tina, together him and I went 4-0 against it today. The biggest issue is that Yveltal/assault vest deck at 4th seed.

I’m assuming you play head ringers? Otherwise I don’t see how you plan on beating Toad/Gira.

What I don’t get, is what makes everybody think the Toad/Tina players are going to steamroll the Trevgors? I’m pretty sure both Jon and Tanner run Enhanced Hammer and/or Xerosic for that reason.

Keldeo/float stone makes them choose between wobb or trev. I talked to both of them extensively, and they say the matchup is bad, but winnable. But, Zach and Ryan are great toad Tina players.

@Dweinhardt We do not play head ringer, but since everyone at regionals already knows, we have 2 Xerosic and bat damage for toad Tina.

2 Xerosic doesn’t necessarily carry you. I’d still call it a toss up. And Alex yeah, they play 2 e hammer and a Xerosic, but we’ll see. Jon tells me it’s a good mu but I’m not 100% convinced.

If Trevgors win the flip and go turn 1 Wally, the results could turn out to be quite different than we expected…

He only thinks it’s good because he beat it today, but it’s a very loseable matchup. Ryan won’t power up Giratina without a lot of quaking first, but his best option is Xerosic off a float stone and quake, ready to kill energies.

@smashandslash neither of them play Wally. They both set up turn one with brigette

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I was thinking, “Brigette seems too good not to play in TrevGor.” Looks like I was thinking along the right track. Thanks for that particular detail @XtremeFate.

Just got home from work - nicely done everyone! Way to represent!

Im guessing the TrevGors run Tropical Beach?

What does TrevGor do against Yveltal if they run Keldeo? Same matchup as toad Tina?
Do these TrevGor decks run Dusknoir BCR? I’m guessing they do if they run Bridgette…

Yeah, they run beach.

How many? 20202020202020

They run three beaches