Doswell, VA Regionals, February 12-13

So, Virginia regionals is this upcoming weekend, and I’d love to meet some 6p members! Also, everyone MUST pre register, so go to the Virginia pokemon website to do so.

I will definitely be going

I’ll be going. Good luck to everybody that attends!

Prop bets for VA Regionals:

Over/Under on “time” being called on round 9 at 11:23pm EST…

Over/Under on Lunch Break at 1:19 mins…

Total number of “stop setting up - we have a repairing issue” announcements at 2.5…

Total number of persons needing a chair to sit in at the beginning of Round 1: 13.5…

Total number of complaints about wifi service: 387.5…


So who’s bringing the Snapple bottle for the annual player meeting smashing


We had 3 for San Jose seniors. Or 2. Can’t remember.

Also, you forgot the hours of delay between rosters and R1.

I am actually really forgiving on this one. I will give everyone all the time needed to get started. But once we are underway, I expect things to flow.

By the way, this was a joke, we’re good friends.

EDIT: just did some research and figured out who you are… I know I’m wrong and will need tons of luck since I draw bad and am bad.

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Had I known who you were I never would’ve asked.

Also, I honestly thought you were dissing @XtremeFate

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He was I bet… I know him as well, even though he genuinley thinks I’m bad (the argument isn’t meritless though!)

I was planning on going, this will be my first regionals. Good luck to everyone going

I will be going with my family, 8 players in total. Hopefully at least 3 of us make top cut. Hope everyone has an excellent experience, last year could have been much better~to say the very least

As I was reflecting on my past experiences at VA Regionals, and how fun it is to play Pokémon in a barn with a concrete floor out in the middle of nowhere, I was reminded of something that I will pass on as a pro tip: if the TO did not pay to switch on the power outlets so you can charge your phones, find the pay soda mchines - those outlets must stay energized!

Oh - and don’t forget that the snack area closes at 7!

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Is there a stream for this regionals?

No, the only stream is for St. Louis. P

Not exactly true. Florida will also be streamed, just not officially.

Sorry, I meant officially. :smile:

How is everyone doing, or how did everyone do?

I doubt they are done with round 7. We won’t know till midnightish

Indeed, Masters Round 7 is in progress.

However, via Jon Eng: