Donphan PLS variants // BLW-on 2016

For Donphan discussion in general. Sorry I don’t have a list atm, but I thought it should be that Donphan should have its own thread instead of being shoved into the Uncategorized thread.

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4 Donphan PLS 72
4 Phanpy PLS 71
4 Hawlucha FFI 63
4 Korrina FFI
4 Professor Sycamore PHF
2 Lysandre AOR
4 Robo Substitute Team Flare Gear PHF
3 Fighting Stadium FFI
3 Focus Sash FFI
3 VS Seeker PHF
1 Muscle Band XY
2 Silver Bangle PLB
1 Level Ball AOR
1 Super Rod NVI
1 Computer Search BCR
5 Fighting Energy XY
4 Strong Energy FFI
1 Double Colorless Energy PHF
Free Spots: 6
This is a skeleton based on the list that Christopher Collins used to get Top 8 during one of the Autumn Regionals.

Bursting balloon for walls?
I mean, Hawlucha gets KOed pretty easily, so bursting balloon either saves it or sets up Donphan for a KO.

Focus Sash is very good. Denying prizes is almost what lets Donphan beat Vespiquen, NM, Groudon maybe, and M Ray. So, no, I would not use burst balloon

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Alright, barring any question of Donphan’s viability in this current format, which is a better defense against Trevenant: Espeon DEX or Suicune BKP? On one hand, Donphan already plays a 1-1 Jolteon AOR line to deal with Yvetal and Mega Ray, so adding 1 Espeon wouldn’t affect the deck too much. However, Espeon only has 90 HP and is weak to Psychic, meaning that Trevenant could just Lysandre and Tree Slam to get rid of it. Yet, Suicune has more HP, but you will then have to run Float Stones which cut into deck space (generally if you run the build only using 4-4 Donphan, 4 Hawlucha, 1-1 Jolteon, you don’t need any Float Stones). But, if you run Wobbuffet for Archeops, you would have to run Float Stones anyway.

Well, suicune needs a float stone and against Trev you aren’t likely to keep one on and they can just use Tree Slam twice to KO it while against espeon they have to use a Lysandre and Tree Slam for KO. I don’t think either of them matter though, your Trev matchup is pretty bad anyways. But if I had to play one I would go Espeon.


I just got back from playing a Expanded League Challenge and I used Donphan and got 2nd I went 2-1

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why arn’t people playing safeguard walls in donphan anymore, i understand hex manic is a thing but most decks only play 1 and 4 vs so thats only 5 times they can hex through walls and thats implying they can find a vs seeker everyturn or whether its prized. shoving a sash on hawlucha is good and all but most decks now play xerosic since there is a ton of tools, i myself will be playing carbinks when the new set hits