Donphan PLS Variants // BCR-on

A lone trevenant and a diler mirror can win against plasma. I run 1-2 Physic and 4 DCE in my deck just incase

My lock deck idea for the BCR-on season is one that uses Menshao from Furious Fist. With one on the bench you can use Mew EX to use it’s attack that scoops it into your hand. This allows you to switch to trevenant(or your preferred locking pokemon) and still be able to attack with Mew EX again next turn. Also you can just use mienshao if you need the boost that fighting stadium and strong energy can give you. I’ve been using this version and it has been working fairly well. I was just wondering if there is a reason that Donphan would be the better choice over Mienshao.

I played against the Donphan variant (which is, IMO, the only one worth anybody’s time) today. I won and then lost because I prized all copies of my main attacker.
One thing that I think may be worth considering here is a Mew EX for the Psychic weakness, but since you lose basically all your boosts, you’re probably better off just playing straight Donphan.

Brackbill, the reason Phan is used over Mienshao are:
-Phan doesn’t have to return to hand, meaning he cannot be N’d.
-Phan doesn’t have to have multiple Phanpy to keep attacking.
-And, lastly, Phan can drop a DCE onto Donphan to use Wreck, which, with two Strong, a Band, and any stadium does 180.

Hey Guys, I need alot of help on pretty much everything, but especially decks.

Right now I’m running Donphan/Trevenant…

4 Phantump XY
3 Trevenant XY
3 Phanpy PLS
3 Donphan PLS
1 Snorlax PLS
1 Sigilyph LTR
1 Keldeo-EX
4 Professor Juniper
3 N
3 Korrina
2 Lysandre
4 Roller Skates
2 Bicycle

3 Muscle Band
2 Float Stone
3 Ultra Ball
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Silver Bangle
1 Sacred Ash
1 Dowsing Machine

3 Fighting Stadium

4 Strong
3 Fighting
2 Psychic Energy

Just made a quick little edit. Does this look ok?

Yeah, but that is only pretty much for the Alpha Series League Challenge. I just need ideas for a cheap, budget 2015 deck.

Red card and 1 of laser seem odd. Otherwise, looks fine.

Yeah, I might increase the number of that and decrease something else. Thanks for telling me! :slight_smile:

Did you forget to put in DCE? cause w/o it your gonna have a bad time.

eliminate all of these and add 4 DCE.

I don’t think that is nessssary. Ou can hit for a lot without wreak. I would run 2-3

I guess I could. The main part of the deck is the strategy retreat/attack, so some cards can seem to be unnecessary. I would of used Prism Energy but now that is out of format…

Yeah after giving it a little more thought, @Phoenix15 is right. 4 DCE is prob too many, but having 2-3 to use wreck is one of the strongest moves this deck offers.

You could also throw in a Physic energy or 2 incase you need to use tree slam

Yeah, OK! Hey also please tell me what 2-3 is… Thanks for the help btw! :smile:

lol yeah I meant 2-3 DCE…I should have included that, my bad.

That’s okay! I’m going to go see what both Trevenant and Donphan can do, and I might put in three DCE. I might also change the Hypnotoxic Laser part, one is definitely not enough!

Ok I found that maybe I should put in some psychic energy and DCE, to use that Tree Slam.mIt also effects benched Pokemon, which is a great thing in this deck.

I would run 1-2 Psychic and 3 dce

That sounds good, ok! :wink:

I prefer no psychic and 1 dce in donpahn/trevenant. In my testing trevenant has never been needed as an attacker.

My theory is; you never know

I have actually won a whole game with Trev, and silver mirror against plasma. We can always use Keldeo with a float stone to switch instead of a float stone on trev, allowing for hard charms or Silver mirrors.

It really depends how you use the deck. For example, retreat/attack may need a few energies, and other need others.