Does Roaring Skies' reprint spell any hope for similar treatment for tropical beach?


Hey, new player here,

I recently stumbled upon Primal Groudon and very much wanted to build it for expanded but found out it needs tropical beaches and simply will not run without it (as far as Im aware of, if theres another way I am definitely open to ideas!). I did some reading into the card since this is my first time coming across it and found its generally coveted and regarded with awe.

Im not too familiar with the cards history nor Pokemon TCG’s attitude towards elusive cards and reprints but my understanding is that the “will they reprint tropical beach” question has been asked to death. However with roaring skies being reprinted (presumably to drive down the cost of ShayminEX) is there a chance that this will change and will tropical beach become more accessible to players one way or another?



If it does become reprinted, it will only as a worlds promo.

ROS is being restocked because of players demand for certain cards in the set, but tropical beach is a completely different thing. It wasnt something that you could just open packs until you got one. You had to earn it.


Oh damn, I suppose they have to show respect to the players that won it one way or another. Shame about the price. Guess primal groudon will have to stay a dream. Thanks for the clarification on the difference!


Roaring Skies’ reprint has very little (very possibly nothing) to do with player demand for anything and more with factors to do with its original print run.

Tropical Beach will likely never be printed again.


It’s probably also worth noting that Roaring Skies is a set and still legal in Standard, whereas Tropical Beach is a promo card that is at this point only legal in Expanded. Reprinting the more recent set is logistically easier. The best way to make Beach more accessible (without totally tanking its value) would probably have been to re-release it as a secret rare back in gen 5.


IMO, beach wasn’t and won’t be reprinted because the player base that uses it in their decks is extremely little, only including Primal Groudon and very little evolution decks in expanded, while ROS was reprinted by the means of that pretty much every deck needs Shaymin in it, and the supply is getting lower and lower, and prices from third parties (eg. TrollAndToad, CCGCastle,) are getting higher, and Pokémon doesn’t sell singles, making print reruns and boxes making them more money because everyone is demanding them, so this was in my opinion a smart move by TPCi.


Thanks for the explanation guys, cleared up some misunderstandings I had on tropical beaches history.

Edit: I realize that the card was banned in Japan, would this happen in over in the west? and would that make decks like Groudon and such completely unviable in expanded?


Still legal here in the West.


No ban isn’t needed. Japan just had a hard time getting beaches because not enough were printed as well as little invitees from Japan that year


It was banned in Japan because there are only roughly 2,000 (estimates vary) total Japanese copies in existence—and most live over here. Critically, in 2012, the Japanese copy was short printed, meaning staff/other outlets that usually got a copy of all languages got all languages sans Japanese that year. In addition to the broader print run of the English edition, Top Cut and Staff editions are also printed in English. In sum, the English print run is much larger than the Japanese, meaning their supply problems were even more dire than ours.


I can see an argument being made for a Western ban being put in place, though personally I’m iffy on whether that would have been a good idea. Obviously in hindsight it should have been an uncommon in a set and never a world championship promo, but that bridge was crossed long ago.


I don’t want a western ban. Tropical beach is fine the way it is.


In hindsight, Japan should’ve just designed things properly so that it didn’t need to be a playable card. The day of Worlds, the talk wasn’t “this card is great!” but “this card is terrible.” Even after Ross’ run, hype was still relatively muted because it wasn’t an effect that made sense until we checked into the post-DP reality.


Wow its hard to imagine it being even rarer in Japan, thats crazy. Perhaps Ill just bite the bullet and play a subpar groudon deck and see how Japan manages without beach. Or maybe they dont even bother with the deck.


This is coming from someone who wanted to play Groudon, couldn’t afford to play Groudon, and played Groudon.

What I chose to do was buy the Tropical Beaches, play Groudon, and sell the beaches. I didn’t lose any money (I sold them for what I paid for them), and they were very easy to sell to a vendor at a large tournament because the card is in demand. I got to live the dream and play Groudon with all four beaches at a Regionals and broke even.

The deck really is not viable without the beaches.


Does that mean that world promos aren’t allowed at worlds?


What? Where are you getting that idea?


Well there aren’t enough worlds promos for Japan apparently, and then if English speaking countries were able to use them, and Japanese speaking countries weren’t, it wouldn’t be fair.


By virtue of playing in a TPCi event, JP/KR players submit to Play! Pokemon rules, which are a different thing than PCJ Rules. They are allowed to use such cards.

For one thing, Beach is especially short in its print, so it’s unique. But, in any event, there is no such restriction on Worlds promos.