Decks to build after GUR drops


Very much, in my testing it is very consistent.


That would be a great deck, only problem is if they lower their hand size. However, if that has to happen, they probably already lost.


You also run the new Garb that does 20 damage times the amount of items in your opponents discard pile so if they just get rid of all their items you attack with Garb


I definitely think it would be good, but I don’t know if travalanche is better. Probably is.


Trevenant/Vileplume is OP


when gur drops i will be running quad lapras although umbreon gx sylveon gx could be good.


Sylveon/umbreon sounds too clunky.Try one eeveelution at a time. Quad Lapras was made to counter deciduplume, after this set, who knows?


i actually agree with that. It would be a 4-2-2 line or 4-3-3 line and that takes up a lot of space. And space is key. Especially with around 15 substitutes for every deck not counting GUR cards.


How does it fare late game?


I can’t really say. My friends are the main people testing it cuz I have an AP exam plus Vespiquen is the main deck I’m working on


Vespiquen for after GUR? Do you have an oricorio counter?


I don’t need one. No one has Vespiquen on their radar.


I haven’t been too motivated to dive straight into tier 1 decks with GUR just yet but I have been playing around with Lunala-GX.

4-0-3 Lunala-GX
2-2 Espeon-GX
2 Wobbufett
1 Shaymin-EX
1 Tapu Lele-GX

4 Sycamore
3 N
2 Lillie
2 Skyla
1 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball
4 Vs Seeker
4 Rare Candy
4 Max Elixir
2 Max Potion
2 Field Blower

3 Altar of the Moone

9 Psychic Energy

59 Cards…I think there should be 10 energy, or I’ve missed a card in my list.


I have yet to mess around much for the GUR format, but for expanded at least I want to mess around with a giant plant forest trev + phantump + accelgor deck. We don’t have many expanded cups in the Southeast, but I have heard we will have 2 this quarter - which will give me a chance to actually play some expanded still this season.

As for standard I really do want to mess around with Sylveon GX - because while I did like aspects of Lapras as a control deck, I never felt it was strong/consistent enough for me to play it. Sylveon just seems infinitely better in that regard and has me excited to test it out in a couple of ways that I have in mind


Update on this one. The missing card is Super Rod btw.

I played it at a small 3 round tournament and came second. Changes I want to try are to drop 1 Wobbufett for an Oricorio (Damage Counter placement) and I want to find room for Rescue Stretcher/Cosmoem/+1 Eevee.

I think Field Blower can be dropped to one. Just depends on Garbodor BKPs presence.


I feel like we put to much value into Tapu Lele GX. I get it, the card is sick! But I run a 4-3-1 Garbodor Deck with 1 Tauros GX, 3 Drampa GX, and 2 Mewtwo. Depending on the environment of the tournament, I will add in either 1 Eevee/Espeon GX, or 1 Sudowoodo and Alolan Vulpix (to protect from the backdoor of the opponents deck).

Yes, it is dependent on the trainers in my deck. BUT… if the opponent sees Garbodor coming it give me many options outside of this.


Which mewtwo? If it is the one from evolutions, do you get a lot of use out of it? Just the overall consistency of Tapu Lele really helps, with guaranteed turn 1 Bridgette/Fan Club and other stuff.


I do play the one from Evolution. I get a decent amount of use out of it in this deck. It has two purposes: 1) With its 130 HP it is great to start as a set up card and 2) it is amazing against cards that require a lot of energy attached to them especially if you can Lysandre on of the cards forward to make a preempted attack.

Any deck with Garbodor has to have a backdoor to it because players are already finding ways around using a lot of tool cards.

Then there is the debate between the EX/GX and other cards for their prize values. Basic analytics will tell us if we can find cards that can knock out EX/GX cards that are normal Pokemon, the 2 to 1 trade is of great value (see the 3 point line in basketball). And in some cases, Tapu Lele is a sitting duck on the bench with a heavy Lysandre/VS Seeker deck.


We’ve been sticking three shaymins in our decks for the past two years and you’re worried about a mewtwo ex that searches for supporters as a sitting duck?


I do not play Shaymins in this deck because with 4 vs seekers and 4 N, if I can’t find it probably do not need it. I do understand what you are saying here though.