Decks to build after GUR drops


For a forum titled “Decks to Build After GUR Drops”, this is a perfect post! If you don’t want these kind of decks, change the title.


Yes, just a deck idea I had. Any thoughts on it though?


It’s good, maybe lacking some power. Shatter shot lunala maybe?


Never mind, forgot it was stage 2. Shatter shot mewtwo?


It would probably be strong to play the new garbodor too.


that card is amazing although i do think the game will quickly rise in price.


i am excited to tech in some oricorio in vespiqueen


We are talking competitive, not price here.


I’ve been thinking about putting together a Raikou, Tapu Koko, Tapu Koko GX deck with a mix of Aether Paradise Conservation Area (-30 damage to all basic lightning/grass Pokemon) and Rough Seas. Throw in some Choice Band and Fighting Fury Belt and you have some seriously tanky attackers who all hit fairly hard. Ideally, you’d start with Tapu Koko (free retreat, spread damage of 20 to all opponents’ Pokemon for two colorless energy) and build up a Raikou on the bench. After that Raikou takes a hit or two, you bench a Tapu Koko GX and bust in with him to swing for 130 (or 140 with FFB or 160 with Choice Band). Max Elixirs and two Electrodes would speed up the energy.



Rough seas is better, do to the fact that A. You are romoving 30 dmg either way, and B. You control when the card is out, meaning your opponent can’t kick it out. Energy acceleration might be a problem though, you will have to figure out something else besides max elixir, hopefully without the price of a knockout. Something I would love to try is Tapu Koko GX with super scoop ups. That would get annoying.


With Field Blower, Delinquent & counter stadiums, Aether is a tough play as a passive stadium, but I think it may be worth it. If you play 5 stadiums (maybe 3 Aether & 2 Rough Seas, you’re going to win the stadium war. If Aether is the last stadium standing it creates a tough late-game situation for your opponent.

I won a lot of games playing M Mewtwo with 5 stadiums (4 Shrine & 1 Parallel City).


Yeah, but if you put in the fact that most decks will have 3-5 ways to get rid of stadiums (2-4 stadiums + 1-2 field blowers), it seems hard that you can trust a stadium to be there on your opponent’s turn.


Anyone have any thoughts about splashing the new SUMGR Rayquaza into decks as a colorless version of baby Volcanion? He’d be a solid starting Pokemon in a whole lot of decks & he can immediately accelerate energy for a DCE.


A few key differences between the two. A. It is a DCE, meaning enhanced hammer could easily come into effect, as well as how you gain nothing when cycling, as when a baby volcano on is knocked out means another fire energy. B. Baby Volcanion has a great damage cap, versus Rayquaza’s 30. C. Baby Volcanion has clear synergy with Volcanion EX. Until a clear partner for rayquaza comes out, I don’t see much play with it.


as well as the stardust jirachi


On reflection, I think the best new deck will revolve around the new Garbodor “Trashalanche” attack – 20 damage times the number of Item cards in your opponent’s discard pile for a single psychic energy. Pair him with Espeon GX and/or Tauros GX and/or Drampa GX. Run disruption cards like Delinquent, hammers & a copy of the Garbotoxin Garbodor. This will be sick.


I agree, but not with the tech Pokémon. I can’t get any video evidence, but Japan has made garbodor popular. Rare Candy on YouTube made a deck including 2 Tapu Lele and 2-3 Wobbufet, with the new stadium for physic energy. They didn’t give a list, though.


Tapu Lele & Wobb may be enough, but Lele’s GX attack is functionally useless in a Garbodor deck, so 1 Tauros GX or a thin Espeon GX line makes sense. Espeon GX also works well with Wobb through spread damage, and its main attack complements Garb well (punishing high energy attackers while Garb punishes use of Item cards).

I’m leaning toward a 4-3-1 Trubbish-Garb line (one Garbotoxin), 2-2 Eevee-Espeon GX line, 1 or 2 Tapu Lele GX, 1 or 2 Wobbuffet.


It makes sense, and something to try, but I think it is too much space for an attack you might use once a game. Still, I won’t argue it until someone practices it.


Does anyone think trevenant/vileplume has and chance of being good?