Decks to build after GUR drops


So I can’t seem to decide what new deck to build after Guardians Rising is released. Field blower, Tapu Lele, and a few other cards will change the metagame and balance out a few matchups.

I usually like to play Ho-Oh EX/Vikavolt which is the first semi-competerive deck that I built which I am proud of. I also have played T&T Snorlax, and most recently Sharpedo/Dugtrio as my first SUM deck.

So with Guardians Rising there are 3 decks that I have considered building:

Turtonator GX/Volcanion EX
Roof Fling Pinsir/Victini GUR
Genesect EX/Solgaleo GX(favorite so far)
These are the three that stand out for me and are right up my alley. I already have skeleton builds for all three so I was wondering if I could get feedback on which deck the community thinks is the best to play and why.


There just isn’t any real way without being able to attack on the first turn that the Pinsir deck would work most of the time. Turtinator seems to me like more of a one of in volcanion, but I am curious about your third deck. What does it gain from gaurdians rising? I would love to see a list!


Genesect gets new stuff to play with. Dhelmise gives 10 more damage to metal types attacks. Two benched Dhelmise means +20 damage before discarding for his Rapid Blaster attack (30 more if you have fighting fury belt attached). Discarding two energies with Rapid blaster puts the damage at 170 after this which can be awkward, but maybe poison barb can be used? Tools on Genesect can be fun to play with. But ideally you want three Dhelmise on the bench to conserve an energy for Exp. Share in case you have to trade prizes.

Genesect with FFB puts him at 220 HP. With a reverse valley thats 230. Float stone doesn’t need to be used that much because of Ultra Road. So you can play more with Exp. Share.

Genesects Drive change can be used to swap out an Exp. Share that was attached in exchange for a FFB, and vice versa. If you ever have to discard all metal energy for a one shot, then you can (assuming you survive an attack) use Ultra Road, switch to another Genesect who has been powered up ideally with max elixers, then Drive change the promoted Genesects Exp. Share and the benched Genesects FFB and reattach them accordingly.

Basically you can use this Drive Change and Ultra Road to rotate Genesects to stream attackers and potentially use a max potion to fully heal while making sure you keep energy on the board with exp. share to use Rapid blaster more often.


Heres a quick list I put together so the numbers might be off. Not sure what to cut.

Genesect EX/Solgaleo GX

Genesect EX x3 ?or quad?
Cosmog x2
Cosmoem x1
Solgaleo GX x2
Dhelmise x3 ?or quad?
Oranguru x2 ?maybe 1?
Tapu lele GX x1

Metal energy x13 ?

Professor Sycamore x4
N x3
Professor kukui x1
Lysandre x1
Pokemon Ranger x1
Vs seeker x3
Ultra ball x3
Nest ball x3
Energy retrieval x2 ?maybe 1?
Rare candy x2
Field blower x1
Fighting fury belt x2
Exp. Share x3
Max potion x2 ?maybe 1?
Max elixer x4
Poison barb x1 ?not sure?
Super rod x1


My recommendations:

2-2-2 FFB Choice band EXP share 1 float stone? No poison barb, they can easily play around it.

No max potion. I get the thing you are trying to do with the “discard, then heal” but conserving energies is WAY to important without bronzong.

1 orangutu, but preferably Shaymin. If you need to late game ultra ball from N, pick up the item from genesect and ultra ball.

Bench space is too important, probably just play sky field to set up.

Genesect and Solgaleo might have trouble together. Any way you could focus on one, maybe run the other as more of a tech?

Energy retriever is a one of, or maybe none at all due to super rod. You should be fine with max elixir there.

Best to max out on consistency. X4 Vs seekers, ultra ball is better in that it can grab anything and Tapu Lele, so 4-2 on the poke ball line?

Why Pokémon ranger? I don’t see a real problem that you need that card for.

Those are what I am thinking of off the top of my head. Sorry if it is a bit rough of my ideas are dumb, was just rattling them off. I would love to see this at a big tournament!


I can’t buy shaymin. Too expensive for me. Sky field and shaymin will likely rotate out in august. I started playing when roaring skies was out (after not having played the game in like 14 years). This next rotation for standard is perfect for me since Im familiar with every set from BKT-on.

I forgot about choice band. For some reason I thought it was releasing in SM3. That really helps with the numbers.

The single float stone is for Oranguru or perhaps Genesect if Solgaleo isn’t around. I feel maybe just 1 float stone is good. I should have added escape rope though.

Sky field works but I think having two benched Dhelmise with Solgaleo won’t hurt my space too much. I would need to test this though.

Yeah the tool pickup for ultra ball after oranguru draw is something I considered too. It works so well which is why I put in 2. But 1 is enough.

Pokemon Ranger should be cut. I put it in as a tech but now it just doesn’t make sense to keep it in.

Solgaleo GX and Genesect EX can work well together. Remember that Solburst GX can get you ahead in the game. Placing 5 metal energies on the board for the cost of 1 is too good to pass up as just a tech.


If you don’t want to buy Shaymins, you might consider playing Lapras. It’s a rare deck that doesn’t benefit from the card.


I’m sure me along with a lot of other players predict that Lapras GX will be played a lot. I don’t feel like playing something that is going to be on everyones mind when Guardians Rising releases.

I have won a handful of games without having ever owned a single Shaymin. Shay is the only staple card I just don’t have and I would hate to spend the $45.00+ dollars just for 2 of them.


I mean, if winning “a handful of games is your goal,” you can pretty much do whatever you want.


I just don’t want to be in a situation where I would need to borrow cards from someone. Proxies can’t be used at events so thats out.

I play to have fun, not necessarily to win. If I play a deck idea well enough, I’m hoping a player much better than me can give me feedback on how to make it better. Or perhaps people will think of an even better version of the deck.

If I buy Shaymin and it rotates, then That’s a lot of money wasted for a card that will see play for only a couple seasons. I know I can play expanded, but I know very little about those older sets.

Expanded gets me Metal links bronzong, battle compressor, so I might consider it.

If I can make a decent expanded deck with Genesect EX/Solgaleo GX then maybe I will buy a couple Shaymin.


You really should play Shaymin, as you are already inconsistent with stage twos. I say 1-1 split with tapu, or 2-1 or just two shaymin.


I can’t say anything about you not wanting to buy shaymins, since I know their price and you are afraid to have them rotate. Makes since, but they are needed at least in the competitive format. Also, I don’t think we will see a lot of lapras GX decks, with decidueye/vileplume still strong, and probably lurantis/vileplume with the new promo.

And in expanded, don’t run Solgaleo. Bronzong would be fine (if you want to play expanded)


Lapras beats decidueye


I didn’t realize that. But I believe grass is still going to be hyped a bit too much.


If you can’t get shaymin, Lapras is definitely the way to go. It beats decidueye and lurantis isn’t that good against other decks so it won’t be played nearly as much.


Not lurantis, they have energy acceleration from the doscard


I know but what I was saying was that it isn’t that common, because decidueye is better, so you won’t see lurantis as much (even though it’s a bad matchup


Okay so after doing some playtesting I was able to practice two different builds.

My first build is pre-rotation with Shaymin EX and trainers mail for a decent speed variation. Dhelmise helps a lot with certain one-shots. Now for the post rotation build:

But my second build is slower so I have to focus more on two shots. I also learned that going for two shots means exp. share loses some slight usefulness so I’m thinking of cutting it to a one of and add Cobalion.

Thinking of only running two dhelmise for this one. Up the FFB count to 3.

Solgaleo needs to be put into play quickly in the post rotation build, but I can’t seem to pull it off consistently.

I’m thinking maybe running two Lele GX with wally as a one of.

Also considering dropping the rare candies and add 1 evosoda. I can’t seem to make a good build for this one. It’s kind of mediocre. I tested it against another deck of mine (non-meta) and it’s at 1 win and 5 losses!

So the speed variation is the one that I’m going to use for now. I’ll worry about the other one later.


I was thinking of this for a while, but here’s a deck:
Tapu Lele GX/Garbodor
4 Tapu Lele GX
2 Trubbish
2 Garbodor
2 Shaymin

4 Sycamore
2 N
2 Lysandre
1 Olympia
1 Hex Maniac

4 VS Seeker
4 Ultra Ball
4 Max Elixir
4 Trainers Mail
1 Escape Rope
1 Field Blower
3 Fighting Fury Belt
2 Float Stone
3 Altar of the Moone

Energy: 14
10 Psychic
4 Double colorless
Feel free to change the list. This is just a list I made off the top of my head.
Sorry if it’s trash.


Shouldn’t your deck be in another thread?

I think you posted it here by accident.