Deck Testing on PlayTCG BCR-ON

anyone around for some playtesting? trying to work on my Tag Team deck (Magmortar/Electivire)

I be able to play today at around 5(Pacific Time). I’m very interested to see how the TagTeam deck would work.


I tried your game, it had expired, are you still able to play?

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Dang, I missed it. Try again tonight, I have to go now.

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Ok on my next game password is pokemon123. if i do another one.

Ok I’m on, here if anyone’s interested.

Playing Yveltal/Garb

Playing Landy-Lucario-Mewtwo.

i can play anybody.
my name on Pokemon TCG Online is: captainfive
im playing an amazing Pyroar/Archeops deck :smile:

I’d love to play, @kolott the password is captainfive.
And, uhhh…

Extended Format?

yes it is :smile:
whats your name?

It’s sableyeman2002, just wait for maybe an hour, then I’ll be ready.
(I have to make an extended format deck)

ok i just sent a friend request

but i also have a regular Pyroar deck for BCR-on

I play PlayTCG.

I play Pokemon TCG Online

@kolott this thread is for PlayTCG only. There is a separate thread for PTCGO, please use that as it avoids confusion.

oh sorry haha :smile:

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