Deck Testing on PlayTCG BCR-ON

I’m just looking for a few people to test out decks to make sure they are capable of countering other decks, sharing idea, etc. I will be on so if you are interested just post a message.

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I’m down to play some games whenever. I have a cool Politoad deck I want to try out.


Professor_N we both live in Florida we should battle on playtcg against eachother, I also have a bunch of cool deck ideas on mine.(Dragonite-EX, Seismitoad-EX, M Heracross-EX) let me know when you have free time and we’ll set it up, homie! im over by Tampa btw

I have free time any time I am online (like right now). I live in Sanford, so pretty far away from you. Maybe I’ll see you at FL Regionals in February, though.

yah definitely ill set up a game now if u wanna play.

Sure. Link me when you’re ready.

My bad, if anyone wants to test in the next hour or so that would be awesome. I will be online, just reply.

Anyone want to play? I have a Landy deck I want to try out.

I’m just testing out a few decks, just leave a message and i’ll hop on public.

Here’s a link to my game:

Tell me when. :smiley:

Anyone want a game?

yeah, if you’re online still i’m interested.

Link me. 202020202020

I’m online now and ready to play. :smiley:

Sorry I missed you, I’d want to play around 5 (Pacific Time).

Midnight for me lol.

Oh, then I’d be able to play on the weekend sometime. Check online on Saturday.