Deck Ideas for Primal clash

i was wondering if people had certain deck ideas for Primal clash cards. one of mine is doublade with false swipe and HTL or spinda. anyone else got ideas?

Medicham with fighting support! :smile:

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Not gonna try it, but I finally realized one might try to work Swampert (36/160) into Seismitoad-EX / Slurpuff decks. Diving Draw + Tasting = search your deck for the card you want and add it to hand. With Seismitoad-EX up front, you should have time to build up a Swampert into a OHKO machine. Not something to send out too early, but once you need that last KO to win? Yeah. >_<

The only reason I’m not sure if this deck will be a thing is the obvious; even with what it adds to the deck, is Swampert worth it?


If you want to see a deck idea, go here! Just a deck I made that could hit a higher tier.

Yeah, this has been discussed since we first saw a translation for M Gardevoir. :wink:

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