Deck Help For Regionals


I have been barely played for the past 3 months, and I was wondering if someone could help me out with picking a standard deck for Toronto. Any help would be appreciated.


Meta decks rn are:
Lycanroc and lucario
Probably anything you want tbh
Buzzwole lycanroc
Lucario lycanroc
Attacking Hoopa
Ho Oh fire things kiawe big ting
Espeon Garb
Buzzwole garb

To a very very small extent
Glaceon garb
Glaceon zoroark
Wishiwashi and other Wall things
Silvally things
Solgaleo things

If you really want to get crazy
Genesect venasaur

I probably forgot something…
Some things to note:
Practically every zoroark deck plays at least one copy of mew because it makes buzzwole 50/50 at least so that’s like non negotiable in all zoroark variants


The two options I’ve narrowed down to are Zoroark Lucario and Zoroark Lycanroc. Any further insight into those decks and how good they are for an 8 round seniors regionals?


Both decks are great. However is would definitely narrow down to one of those soon. They are both similar in that they are zoroark with fighting attackers however one has the upside of potential one energy OHKOs with lucario with a great GX attack while lycanroc cannot immediately attack but can be aggressive with bloodthirsty eyes. I say to get to your choice because you should put in as much practice as possible with whatever you choose because these both require a high skill cap to be played well (although to relieve the pressure a bit you are a senior lol). Some tips:

Your preferred turn one for lycanroc is brigette with an energy on a Rockruff so you instantly threaten lycanroc as an attacker. But if you cannot, just the basics in play should do fine.

Establish a game plan when you know what you are going up against. Seeing ahead is important and if you play these turn by turn it may not go well for you. Although even zoroark decks whiff things so don’t expect everything to go your way. Just probably don’t go for something suuuper risky that you don’t have a backup plan if you whiff.

Lycanroc is OP against anything stage two. Especially gardevoir. If you can pick off ralts super early you’ll be in a great position.

Against greninja with lycanroc , if they don’t brick your game plan is pray they bench an espeon ex, Guzma it, then corner. You could always try and go aggressive but it really all depends on how they draw so if you see the opportunity take it.

Mew is busted against buzzwole. They have stuff like mew and oricorio to KO it back, but if you can match the speed of their max elixers with mew and lycanroc the game will get super close.

Multi switch is great for sneaky lycanroc plays

I don’t have much to say about lucario because I haven’t really played the deck and it’s a lot more straightforward but I’d play lycanroc over lucario anyways because lucario is weak to mew which is super annoying.

Oranguru UPR is great against mill and hoopa. Against sylveon (at least against sylveon that doesn’t know how to play around oranguru) you get puzzles and such back and confuse them with orangurus second attack. I really don’t know much more about that matchup unfortunately. Against hoopa it’s similar except your oranguru is always being threatened and you can attack energies to Rockruff and use kukui to deal big damage to hoopas. If you decide to play a Tapu Koko, you can also use orangurus resource management to get back acerola puzzles energies etc then loop oranguru and Tapu Koko so you resource management acerola into Koko flying flip acerola into oranguru repeat and take a bunch of prizes by killing all their hoopas in one turn. Also is worth mentioning you’ll probably want to play a split of the promo Rockruff and the guardians rising Rockruff in the lycanroc deck.

As for vikabulu… it’s super rough but you could try and parallel them so that they have only a vikavolt and no grubbing in play then force them to have to discard all their energies on board with a natures judgement and gust up their only vikavolt in play for a KO which would definitely set them back a bit.

Yea just get games logged in and you’ll get more and more comfortable with your deck. There are some really tough matchups however which are pretty much the same for both decks. Good luck!


Thanks for the advice. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind in testing. I’m pretty set on Lycanroc as it has more consistent matchups and I have some experience.


Hey Toronto isn’t forbbiden light legal is it?


It’s off by like a week, but prizing is still all Forbidden Light


Man, this reply even helped me on my new deck construction thanks jirachi123!