December 2019 Schedule


11/30–12/1: Daytona :us: … UPR–CEC

M 12/2: @croxtonveryepic
Tu 12/3: @Tablemon
W 12/4: @Alex_Schemanske
Th 12/5: @Jose
F 12/6: @Sem_Medo

12/7–8: Brisbane :australia: … UPR–CEC
12/7–8: Singapore :singapore: … UPR–CEC
12/7–8: San Diego :us: … UPR–CEC

Tu 12/10: @Tablemon
W 12/11: @thefleeee
Th 12/12: @Sem_Medo

12/14: Chile :chile: … UPR–CEC

Tu 12/17: @Alex_Schemanske
W 12/18: @socery
Th 12/19: @Jonner

12/21–22: Malaysia :malaysia: … UPR–CEC

Tu 12/24: @xpero
Th 12/26: @Jose


  • The inimitable @croxtonveryepic will be making his official Underground debut on December 3rd. (This is sure to be epic.)

  • We’re going to be a little lighter on content toward the end of the month (during the holidays), but coverage will pick up again in January with events in Bochum, Dallas, and São Paulo and anticipated Sword & Shield Prereleases.

  • As always, if you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions, message me on here, @SixPrizes, or

Thanks for your support everyone!