December 2016 Article Schedule

11/26–11/27: Fort Wayne Regionals … Standard … PRC-EVO

Wednesday 11/30: @KPiplup (Fort Wayne recap, projections for London + Dallas)
Friday 12/2: @thevilegarkid (San Jose)

Monday 12/5: @bradscurcio (London, San Jose)
Tuesday 12/6: @kazambolt (London)

12/9–12/11: London Internationals … Standard … PRC-EVO

Tuesday 12/13: @CeladonBrit (London recap, projections for Dallas, San Jose)

12/17–12/18: San Jose Regionals … Expanded … BLW-EVO

Friday 12/23: @MichaelSlutsky (Dallas)

Monday 12/26: @eriknance (Dallas)
Wednesday 12/28: @KPiplup (Dallas)

12/31–1/1: Dallas Regionals … Standard … PRC-EVO

1/14–1/15: Athens Regionals … Standard … PRC-EVO
2/18–2/19: Anaheim Regionals … Standard … PRC-SM
3/4–3/5: St. Louis Regionals … Expanded … BLW-SM

Readers: What is your interest level for San Jose Regionals? I am sensing it is one of the less intriguing events on the calendar, but that’s only my guess. It’s been somewhat tricky to plan out what topics to focus coverage on for December.

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Hey everyone! @kazambolt had his article ready early so I’ve been working on it throughout the day. It’ll be live sometime this evening. I’m not certain what’s up with @bradscurcio’s article but hopefully we’ll have it for you tomorrow.

The ToC for Alex’s article is currently as follows and it’s all about preparation for London Internationals:


  • Alt Version
  • Tech Options
  • Matchups
    Frog Stomp: Greninja
  • Other Considerations
  • Question Time
    Top Storylines
    Thoughts on the CP Bar for Worlds

Hey all! @CeladonBrit’s article is shaping up fantastically and it will be out sometime this evening. I’ve got captions + headings + the title to mull over and then we’ll be good! But first I’m going to grab something to eat.

The tentative table of contents is as follows:

Giving Up on Gardevoir
Flames and Frogs
Fort Wayne Recap: The Gamblin’ Group
Keeping It Simple: Analyzing Yveltal/Garbodor’s Success in Standard
In the Lab: Working on Expanded for San Jose

  • Yveltal/Garbodor
  • WaterBox
  • DragonBox
    Closing Thoughts


-Luke Skywalker


(I’m working on the title right now. Going a little slow. I hope to have it figured out soon!)


Heads up—I spent a good hour earlier typing out 2000+ words about promo Giratina’s impact. We all know how that ended.

So, a reboot later, I’ll be covering:

M Mewtwo
M Altaria
and maybe one more?

I’m playing one of these for a League Challenge here, pre-Regionals, in Dallas. I probably won’t have the article completely finished until I’m done with that tournament, so I’ll be a bit later than normal getting this to @Adam tomorrow, meaning he could be a bit later getting it to you. I think holding off until after the tournament will provide some depth and perspective to the piece, and I hope it’s worth the wait.


Perspective > speculation for me. In terms of the one more, I’d love for someone to talk about Vespiquen and all her possible standard variants in depth. Is there a vespi expert in the house?