Darkrai EX, Yveltal EX, Hydreigon // NXD-on


3-0-3 Hydreigon
3 Yveltal EX
2 Darkrai EX
1-0-1 Dusknoir
1 Keldeo EX
1 Latias EX

4 Professor Juniper
4 N
3 Skyla
2 Colress

4 Dark Patch
3 Max Potion
3 Rare Candy
3 Ultra Ball
2 Muscle Band
2 Startling Megaphone
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Dowsing Machine

2 Tropical Beach

7 Darkness
4 Blend GRPD

The main strategy of this deck is to use Hydreigon’s Ability, Dark Trance, to move your Energy between your Pokemon. Yveltal EX is a main attacker, Darkrai EX can be used as an attacker and for free retreat, and Hydreigon is also an attacker. Max Potion goes hand in hand with Dark Trance because you can move all of the Energy off a damaged Pokemon, Max Potion, and move the Energy back.


Just a Suggestion

Take out Latias EX and blend energies they are dead weight. add 1 or 2 sableye. Sableye is a great retrieval card for a deck that uses a lot of item resources (such as this deck.) You could add 2 psychic energies, but you all must never want to attack with hydreigon since it’s up in active for big bait to shut you off with a big knock out.A good alternative would be a 2-2 raichu line since your bench will be filled up and counters lugia and yveltal ex nicely.

Here’s what to take out and put in:
-1 Latias EX
-4 Blend GRPD
+1 Sableye
+2 Pikachu
+2 Raichu XY
BTW I don’t really see dusknoir being too viable since the bench would already be fiiled up.You could add another dark energy and sableye or something whatever works for you. But number one rule is to play test, find out what is most viable and what feels most comfortable to play.Good luck :slight_smile:


If you are suggesting that I take out the Blend Energies, you obviously haven’t played the deck before, and if you have, you’ve done it the wrong way. Hydreigon is such a good non-EX attacker (it can OHKO EX’s), that they are necessary. You are trading a non-EX for an EX, which is a deal I would make any day. Latias EX is in there for Pyroar, and because it’s lock is good in general. Dusknoir really can be good for moving around all the damage that I do with Yveltal EX, and I also like it because I don’t have the room to run Catcher. Raichu is a fringe option in this deck, but I would save that for Yveltal variants without Hydreigon, because the space can be better used.


ok if that works for you


Well it kind of works for everyone who runs this deck… check out some of Colin Moll’s articles on Celadon City Gym… he plays Hydreigon a lot and has good insight on the deck.


what if hydreigon is catchered/lysandre out and OHKO (assuming you only have one hydreigon on bench?)


Isn’t this a problem for many other decks that use Bench sitters? Blastoise and RayBoar are vulnerable to the same thing, yet are top tier decks that consistently win games. Without Hydreigon, the deck isn’t totally done as it is in the Rain Dance decks. You can still attach to Yveltal EX, who is a great attacker.


3 darkrai ex
2 malamar ex
4 yveltal (baby)
2 Deino
2 hydriegon

4 N
4 Juniper
2 skyla
1 Lysander

1 silver bangle
4 muscle band
2 startling megaphones
4 ultra ball
4 max potion
3 vs seekers
3 rare candies
1 professor letter
1 dowsing machine

3 shadow circle

9 dark
1 psychic
tl:dr it was a “just for fun deck” but then I actually won 3rd at a cities which is good for me I could have done better but I forgot garbotoad was a thing

This got me through to 3rd at a cities where the only person I lost was seismitoad/garbodor

Reason for success: Malamar ex was such a great card at this tournament I counted around 5 times out of the 7 games I got it out where the opponents would have to pass to wake up which was amazing including me being able to move it later with hydriegon
And it actually won me 4 prize cards in one game with maxamar

The element of surprise no one knew what I was playing so they didn’t know how to react when dealing with my deck but there guess was to kill the 150 hp hydriegon which they usually couldn’t do or wasted to many resources to do (one person g boosted it lol)
Not to mention the prizes I took with a silver bangle for 170 damage

4 yveltal (babies) every single game I could get out on first turn and proceed to attach to darkrai plus I faced to donaphans which would be not only -20 but 1 prize card and I could still kill there robo substitutes with my first attack and with a muscle band it would do 50+120 for a full 170 knock out

Max potion, obviously a very low amount of decks could one hit me and the ones that could were usually already dead mwahahahhaha

Changes: since the only thing I lost to was seismitoad

I took out a shadow circle a prof. Letter and a darkrai ex and put In 3 yveltal but I might not keep it with 0 prof. Letter(I just don’t know what to do for dces)

You can also try gensects or shaymin exs and exchange energies for rainbows

Absol and jamming nets are good options

Haven’t tried the hydriegon php but it sounds fun

If any one got this far in my discussion then please tell me your new success from this deck thank you :smiley: