Darkrai EX/Vileplume AOR Variants- XY-Steam Siege


Hi guys. Saying as the meta for Worlds is looking like it’s going to be full of Night March and Trev, I was wondering whether a Darkrai EX/Vileplume AOR deck might be good.
3 Yveltal XY
1 Yveltal BKT
1 Yveltal BREAK
2 Darkrai EX
1 Yveltal EX
2 Oddish AOR
2 Gloom AOR
2 Vileplume AOR
2 Shaymin EX
4 AZ
4 Professor Sycamore
3 Lysandre
2 N
1 Xerosic
1 Pokemon Ranger
4 Ultra Ball
4 Trainers’ Mail
2 Fighting Fury Belt
3 Max Elixir
1 Level Ball
1 Revitalizer
4 Forest of Giant Plants
10 Darkness Energy

PLEASE suggest improvements as I might play this at worlds:)


Considering that you need Max Elixers consistently to do damage with Darkrai, I think it’s the wrong partner for Vileplume. Austen Vance had an interesting Yveltal/Plume deck that you could try, which would have better matchups in all honesty. One of the biggest misconceptions in the game right now is that Darkrai just beats trevenant. That’s not the case, and I’d honestly argue that the matchup is somewhat in trevenant’s favor.


Hmmmmmm… Darkrai should win the Trev MU alone. Three energies means it one-shots Trevs and Trev 5-shots it back. Now you’ll need to set up more attackers just before your Darkrai gets KOed but a single Darkrai can get you very far.

@RisingRaichu, Vespiplume will also be at worlds.


But Vespiplume loses to Trevenant.


Also, Darkrai alone loses to Night March. Will try Yveltal/Plume. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Not quite. It’s whoever goes first.

That’s what I thought. FFB and Giratina swing it out of Night March’s favor.


I don’t know about darkrai but the giratina plume lists that did well in Japan worlds qualifiers deserve a look imo


That’s wrong. I’ve lost to Trevenant many times playing Vespiplume when I’ve gone first and got T1 Plume.


Maybe you haven’t thought about Pokemon Ranger.


I’d like to know how this happened. If Vespi goes first, Trev Likely has no access to anything except their own item lock that doesn’t matter and Vespa Plows through. The reverse is true, except Vespi looses much harder.[quote=“RisingRaichu, post:9, topic:9057”]
Maybe you haven’t thought about Pokemon Ranger.

FFB still puts Darkrai out of OHKO of Pumpkaboo and you can use the non EX Yveltal to try make it a seven prize game. Also, if I’m Night March, I don’t like getting N’d to 2 or 3 and needing Pokemon Ranger/VS Seeker, DCE and likely another Night Marcher. I think that Pokemon Ranger is overrated in context.


Wobbuffet makes it In Trev’s favor. Also, DGG is def a good matchup for night March. At nats all you had to do was e hammer Xerosic (see Nick’s finals match), and now it’s just a ranger away from being a won game.


Although I agree Darkrai/Giratina/Garb is still in Night Marches favor, it is not as easy as Toad/Tina where there is always going to be 2 special energy attached. While playing against DGG, there is, a lot of the time going to be a DDE and 2 darks. So it was not that easy. But none of that matters with Ranger right around the corner.


My opponent Lysandred Vileplume, I whiffed AZ, and my opponent just ploughed through me with Silent Fear.


This is the Yveltal/Plume list I’m currently testing:
3 Yveltal EX
1 Malamar EX
1 Yveltal BKT
3 Oddish AOR
3 Gloom AOR
3 Vileplume AOR
4 Shaymin EX
4 Professor Sycamore
2 AZ

4 Ultra Ball
4 Trainers’ Mail
3 Level Ball
4 Acro Bike
3 Float Stone
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Red Card
1 Revitalizer

4 Forest of Giant Plants
7 Dark


Me and a friend are testing plume/y-tal, and we find 4 puzzles, and 2 revitalizes to help to help,


How could puzzle help when you have one turn of items?


It may help with discarding a BUNCH of energy or DCE or supporters turn one, as he is running no baby y-tal and no special charge. But even after saying this, why PoT?


SO should I put baby Yveltal into my list?


you can bc forests, and float stone on t1, so you can get them out, along with some of the plume line.


Here are the changes I made to my Yveltal/Plume list:
-1 Professor Sycamore
-1 AZ

+1 N
+1 Lysandre