Darkrai-EX, Umbreon-GX // PRC-on 2017


Darkrai-EX, Umbreon-GX // PC-on 2017

This is meant to be a discussion on the new Umbreon GX archetype, partnered with Darkrai-EX and Yveltal-EX from the good ol’ XY darkness archetype.

This is my first idea for the new Umbreon-GX deck, more straightforward and turbo than the Hammers or Espeon-GX variants that had popped out recently:

Pokemon: 9.

  • 3 Darkrai-EX BKP.
  • 2 Yveltal-EX XY.
  • 2-2 Umbreon-GX SM.

Supporters: 14.

  • 4 Professor Sycamore.
  • 3 N.
  • 2 Lysandre.
  • 2 Skyla.
  • 2 Hex Maniac.
  • 1 Delinquent/Pokemon Center Lady/Team Flare Grunt/Team Skull Grunt/Olympia.

Items: 20.

  • 4 Trainer’s Mail.
  • 3 VS Seeker.
  • 2 Acro Bike.
  • 2 Super Rod.
  • 3 Nest Ball.
  • 4 Max Elixir.
  • 2 Scape Rope.

Tools: 3.

  • 3 Exp. Share.

Stadiums: 2.

  • 2 Parallel City.

Energy: 12.

  • 12 Darkness Energy.

As I’ve said the strategy is pretty straightforward, bench your attackers from your hand or with the Nest Balls (the only one non Nest Ball-searchable is Umbreon-GX, but you can directly evolve it from your deck attaching an energy from your hand to the Energy Evolution Eevee reprint). Then charge your energies from your hand or with the Max Elixirs and sweep between attackers conveniently.

About the non-Shaymin thing: just trying consistent deck-building without it. The thicker draw-Supporters and draw-Items lines should do it just fine. The 2 Skyla should work in those awkward moments where you want to draw that piece of your set up you need, and the Acro Bikes should add enough acceleration too, although been conscious of the lack of draw power that a non-Shaymin build means.

The 2 Hex Maniacs are always great on those ability based matchups that pop out from everywhere these days, also for messing up the Shamin/Hoopa set up archetype If you had a good turn one hand and no need of other supporter. Just doubting about that last disruptive Supporter, I really can’t make my mind up (although I think Delinquent could be my favorite).

Finally, 2 Super Rods for retrieving those energies and the thin Pokemon line, 2 Scape Ropes for awkward moments and Shadow Bullet bench damage plays, 3 Exp. Share for keeping energies and 2 Parallel Cities for little else disruption (as no other Stadium seems to be absolutely necessary). Considering adding some FFBs, but as the main damage output condition are your energies in table Exp. Share seems more useful most of the time.

No need to mention the 12 darkness energy as they’re staple in any Turbo Darkrai-EX variant.

Now, I’d love to read your thoughts on it!

(also, English is not my mother language so I may sound funny from time to time)


I mean… you’re already running three darkrai two baby yveltal… why clunk up your deck with an evolution line when you can just run turbo dark? If your running umbreon, zoroark and eeveeloutions are much better


About the eeveelutions variant, I find clunkier having to pull out of your deck the one copy of the eeveelution you need in each matchup an then retrieving it from the discard pile if it gets knocked out and build it again on your bench. In that sense the darkness energy-Energy Evolution archetype gets you the Umbreons much easier than any stage one, and saves the Ultra Ball deck space you would need.
And there´s not Yveltal mini, it is the EX one. The idea is doing the heavier damage posible with any of the three attackers and then use the Umbreon-GX for bench-chasing easy prizes from already damaged pokemons, or force your opponent to switch with Scape Rope/Lysandre the already damaged active to get a 30 damage prize while still doing good damage to the new active one.


I personally like to think that the “Umbreon-GX/dark combo” hype will wear off and eeveelutions will become its own deck once we get leafeon and jolteon-GX (n.b. the others arn’t that important due to either not being relevant types or simply cause of the non-GX versions we currently posses. But hey-oh its a nice blast from the past for back when eeveelutions was “that off-meta rogue deck” in the ex format.
On the note of turbo dark: If you wanna play snipe damage playing fright night is definately more viable for dents, as opposed to just chip damage. But by then you might aswell play yveltal-EX over Darkrai-EX, and oh, look, why not add garbodor…
Umbreon-GX works nicely with dark type partners, I just see it more as a better partner to yveltal-EX than Darkrai-EX because:

  • weakness coverage: yveltal blocks fighting damage while Umbreon deals with the slightly sub-par lightning decks in the current format
  • Chip damage: as said previously yveltal-EX works well with snipe damage. Umbreon hits 2 pokemon, not enough to knockout either, but enough to put them in knockout range for yveltal as he always seems to do a little more damage than a 2HKO needs.
  • The DCE dilemma: dce combos with umbreon and yveltal but not darkrai, simple as.


On the chip damage strategy is where I find Umbreon-GX a great partner for both Yveltal-EX and Darkrai-EX. On the one hand, as you pointed out, Umbreon-GX 90 damage points work well with Yveltal-EX damage output for 2HKO. However, Darkrai-EX makes the 30 extra damage points also worth putting any bench Pokémon in knock out range for him, as it sometimes lack of that OHKO potencial on FFBelted big basics, megas and now the new stage 2 GX that will start to see some play. I think ir would be redundant to play both FN Yveltal and Umbreon-GX for chip damage as I find that Umbreon-GX totally outclasses it, in both damage combination and keepimg energies with Exp. Share for Darkrai-EX. Also with these three you continue covering weakness as well as any combination of Jolteon-EX/Glaceon-EX/Regice lock.


Personally in my experience its never a good idea to run 14 prizes in a deck: I wouldn’t call it thin…
General deck pointers:
lower the super rod count, (yes I do understand y there r 2 but that isn’t enough justification for the 2nd one)
If umbreon-EX is the best starter why do I only see 2 eevee. Especially since in reality, to make the most of the chip damage you would want to use 2 in a game. (combo me with float stone please!)
Ultra ball is good without shaymin-EX, don’t discredit it just because it has a discard cost.(greninja still runs 2)
Play at least 1 fury belt if you intend to attack with a basic EX, it matters, don’t be discouraged by the idea of 1-ofs.

I do not agree with this statement expecially in retrospect with the transitioning format. As the format progresses, nothing that makes FNY better will come out, and it will become more redundant; however at this point in time it is still niche for its ability. Also its chip damage better combos with Yveltal/Darkrai-EX then umbreon-GX, unfortunately however, it isn’t viable in an increasing number of matchups.

Speaking of outclassing: with DCE, yveltal-EX outclasses Darkrai-EX. The only matchup I’d prefer to have darkrai-EX is greninja.