Darkrai BKP variants // XY-on 2016


At Canadian Nats ( I was there) there was only 2 night march players. In comparison, there was 2 wailord, along with 2 mega latios ( me and my friend XD)


It’s more or less dead until steam siege is legal


I was one of the Wailords; did not get a sea of NM and Trevenant :frowning:


First off, that’s an extraordinarily low amount of people, regionals here in America are usually larger than that. Second off, that metagame never seems to happen, and it must have just been that everyone teched against nm, until it didn’t exist anymore.


Night March is not dead. Just because it didn’t make a large show at a 67 player event, it doesn’t mean it’s dead. At America nationals, nm bees won (masters). And America nationals (masters division), broke the attendance record with around 1,100 people.