Darkrai BKP variants // XY-on 2016


Funny you say that I was playing against my testing groups megaray list (megaray with milotic) and we thought that was a less than terrible idea but delinquent probably stronger.

How the matches went where I got to chaos wheel my stadium in: he would try to burn burn then hex for knockout. (running 3 dragon 1 normal ray) but I would retreat into another tina after the second burn and N again. Was really brutal. He was able to easily win games but if I hit 2 elixirs onto tina and chaos wheeled the stadium in the match was all but over.


i meant playing darktina over straight darkrai, i still usually attack with darkrai. double dragon energy also is just a power explosion. 2 in play you do 80 more damage with darkrai.


The DDE’s definitely help with Darkrai’s attack but adding Giratina makes the deck less consistent. If you’re worried about things like Night March and Vespiplume then definetly play the Giratina but imo if you’re not worried about either of those then I would just play Darkrai/Garbodor with no Giratina.


which is why i run tina. I’m expecting ninja, trev, and a heck ton of nm. maybe a couple waterboxes and vespiplumes


Based on my experience at Canada Nationals, expect to play the mirror match and a bunch of Waterbox.

MAYBE you’ll play NM once.

How often decks appear:

Darkrai stuff
Vileplume Variants
Yveltal/Zoroark Variants
Night March

I didn’t see a single NM or Trevenant in the entire seniors. (67 people)


Is it really still MetalBox, or has it really solidified around Aegislash/Genesect?


Keep in mind that the meta changes. It’s not gonna be the same thing it was in Canada.


Wow thats an odd meta


I’ve been playing around with Dark Tina lists very similar to the ones quite a few of you guys used to top 8! After a hundred or so games with minor tweaks I ended up cutting out Latios ex and adding one hydreigon and a second yveltal. Hydreigon has really helped against regice and jolteon ex. It’s not bad to start with yveltal especially with having so many floatstones! I did not play against much night March or Trev which was my originally thinking of adding Latios ex (to donk or take t1 prize card)… my question is have you guys come across any other situations where you found Latios ex effective? I wasn’t too surprised to see this archetype take off but the Latios sure got me!!


this is my list. suggestions would help a lot.
2 Garbodor (BKP 57)
2 Shaymin-EX (ROS 106)
1 Latios-EX (ROS 101)
2 Trubbish (BKP 56)
3 Darkrai-EX (BKP 118)
1 Hoopa-EX (AOR 89)
2 Giratina-EX (AOR 93)
1 Hydreigon-EX (ROS 103)
8 Darkness Energy (GEN 81)
4 Double Dragon Energy (ROS 97)
1 Super Rod (BKT 149)
4 Trainers’ Mail (AOR 100)
3 Ultra Ball (ROS 93)
3 Float Stone (BKT 137)
2 Fighting Fury Belt (BKP 99)
2 Lysandre (FLF 104)
1 Escape Rope (PCL 127)
1 Parallel City (BKT 145)
4 Professor Sycamore (PHF 101)
4 VS Seeker (ROS 110)
1 Muscle Band (XY 121)
4 Max Elixir (BKP 102)
1 Cassius (XY 115)
3 N (FCO 105)


Latios can also apply a lot of early pressure, and can take quick prizes if you commit the second dde. I am pretty split on it being included however and right now it is not in the list due to the cards I would need to support it. (Would rather play fury belts and no hoopa than fit in latios.)


It is mostly Aegislash / Genesect, but both Heathran and Bronzong BREAK + Bench thingy Bronzong was played with it.


Mainly a donker. He is also another poke to put dde on to boost darkrai exs attack. IMO 1 helps out some of the time so I run 1


Yea I’ve actually completely changed my mind. I think Latios is a great add! I find it too hard to run hoops ex, although he seems to add consistancy if you want to donk! But I feel like with him I’d like a sky field out but because of how great parallel city is against Mega Ray I just can’t drop it!


Completely endorse this thinking—which is what makes this deck so hard to build. There simply isn’t space for everything.


Do you think there is space for Latios and hydragon? I find myself rather having shred potential and dragon road to conserve energy but being able to steal games during the 9 rounds day 1 is so tempting

I know your list ran 2 Latios but I feel that 1 and hoopa is really consistent. The only downside being less fury belts due to muscle band


I’ve tried it with 1 hydreigon 1 Latios and it definitely works. I like consistancy in my strategy. So right now I’m using Lysande and escape rope to get around jolteon ex and regice. And sticking to the potential 60 HP donk with the Latios ex combo. I wouldn’t give up on hydreigon tho, it’s a great tech card that doesn’t take away from the overall goal of the deck, which is to stream dde and dark energy! GL!


CelloJake and darthpokemon I agree with both of u, and I run 1 hydre and 1 lati. the only thing that hurts that is less FFBs leaves a lot worse of a nightmarch matchup if u don’t get the donk. I run 2 FFBs and 1 Muscle Band. Should I flip-flop these counts?


If you are running Latios, two muscle band is a must have. And two FFB is non-negotiable no matter what you run. Try to find space for all of it.


That’s definitely not true, considering that all of the Michigan people played 2 band 1 belt. You’re fine with 1 belt.