Darkrai BKP variants // XY-on 2016


Hoopa EX :wink:

Or maybe a Trainers’ Mail


yeah I already took out the Hoopa, Im going to add 2 N maybe a birch


What do you think of hoopa if you are running thicker muscle band and latios? Hoopa really helps t1 donk consistency. Or do you think latios is not needed?


I had Latios in here and then I took it out.

Latios worked a bunch of the time, but I realized that it really just caused a win to happen earlier. More of a time-saving thing than much else. Also, if you spent a bunch of resources on the donk then whiffed, you might as well scoop.


in testing (50 solitaire) I donked 42 times with my list. without hoopa I do not think that would be the case


But the thing is, hoopa is only really needed for the donk, right? If you are going to win anyway, then what’s the point of sacrificing spots in your deck just to attempt to accomplish something that either may not happen, or just speeds up what is going to happen. Donking is great, but not always needed.


yea that is why I might cut it. the only think it really helps matchup wise is night march as I can win 1 of 2 games and steal the other. Most of the matchups (bar like garchomp?) that you can donk you generally can win anyways. It does turn losses into ties and ties into wins but time early scooping can do that too.


It would save 2 slots in the list (and swapping muscle bands for fury b elts, although maybe still a 2-1 split instead.) which could be critical.


i don’t believe this lol, ive been play testing this for a few days now and i get the opposite result, it is slow, and deals no damage until turn 3 unless you start with yveltal everything requires 3 energy. and i’ve been debating taking out a darkrai for yveltal ex it deals more damage in a more crucial situation.


Dont believe what? My solitaire test for donks requirement was ending my turn with an active latios that had a band and dde. I generally dug as deep as possible.

I am not sure what list you are playing but you can deal damage way before turn 3… Also I run 1 yveltal ex 2 darkrai ex, I can back that suggestion. It also helps the mirror a lot.


Donkability depends a lot on what the opponent starts with, as well. You might get a banded Latios active with DDE 84% of the time, but 50% of the time you won’t be going first, so that drops you from 84% success to 42%. Then consider how many Pokemon have more than 60 HP (the three Shaymin a typical NM deck runs, for instance) and your success rate drops even lower. If NM starts with one lone basic, which isn’t even a given in the first place, there’s something like a 27% chance it’ll be a Shaymin-EX, with too much health for Latios to donk, turning 42% into 30%.

So, in the Night March matchup, there’s roughly a 1 in 3 chance you can donk them with Latios. Does that justify its and Hoopa’s inclusion? Maybe. I don’t know; I’m not an expert player and I haven’t tested this deck. I just know 42 donks out of 50 seems misleadingly high.


Changed it to Darkrai BKP variants because the decks seems to have established itself in the metagame and because its pretty much what the discussion is anyways.


42/50 is not misleading when you consider the scenario I framed. You are going first and at the start of the game you see a pokemon you can donk. 42 times out of 50 I was able to donk the 60 hp pokemon. Obviously that situation does not happen every game but for latios to be considered I need to trust that he can do his job when it counts. I am not saying 42/50 games at nats I would donk someone, there are matchups it is impossible in. But with hoopa and latios in the list I am confident that if I have the opportunity to donk then I can take it knowing I can hit it.


What does everybody think of straight Dark/Garb? I feel like Dragons clunk up the deck and prefer the M
to go aggressive Dark, slowing down if needed


Straight dark garb is more consistent but also contains a lot less power. The deck builds up over time using baby yveltal. I prefer to use the explosive DDEs but both decks are good.


chaos wheel is why i play darktina


Then you’re playing it wrong.


Giratina is in the deck for certain match ups, mostly night march. A majority of the time you should be attacking with Darkrai.


There are times to chaos wheel. Like putting a megaray to three and laughing until you hear scoop


Which is why all Mega Rayquaza decks should be playing Paint Roller now, obviously.