Darkrai BKP variants // XY-on 2016


Then I will take that into consideration for the future.

My apologies if I was too blunt in my previous statement. I merely meant to say that Darkrai/Giratina isn’t the most consistent of decks.


So, @KPiplup, you played this deck at Origins. In your experience, did you think it was worth the space to play the Garbodor?


These statements do not compute.

We played it for a reason.


Oh shoot you’re right, never mind then Latios doesn’t block Jolteon.


One hex is ok to disrupt for a turn, but I wouldn’t play it 2-3 turns in a row


You don’t play it two turns in a row, though, unless you absolutely need to. That’s how Hex Works. And if Hex destroys consistency, garb does the same thing.


Would have to disagree there. With Garbodor, you can still play draw supporters every turn. With Hex, you have to forgo that option to instead use your supporter for the turn on Hex Maniac.


was it consistent for you ? I feel like if you get set up its hard to take down but was it easy to get it all out there each game ?


Are you talking about the garb? In games I don’t go for the donk it’s pretty easy managing the bench space. if trub finds room on the bench hitting next turn garb is pretty consistent u less you messed up your resources with a sycamore


cool im going to play it a bit on tcgo anybody got a basic list ?


I think heretic posted it on his channel. There are also lists on virbank but I am not at liberty to post my groups list. I can critique yours if you make one


He’s right you know. @Chabillionaire, have you even seen a list yet? Every list I have seen plays 1-2 ropes in them already to deal with jolteon ex. Zoroark is honestly a bad way of dealing with Jolteon because a smart jolteon play would severely limit his bench, even to 0 sometimes. Next time, try and research other players lists and ideas before saying that one thing is definitely needed.


That is true, but if jolteon DOES limit his bench, then it’s gg. I think I’m settling on garb


Why not run 1-2 target whistle? that way if the Jolteon player limits their bench just target whistle and then lysandre/escape rope KO.


running those cards would hurt every other matchup. if they get lone jolteon 2/3 games then thats a round loss.


Is this thing a viable counter to Jolteon-EX and Regice, or does it still hurt more than it helps?


I might test it. If your running no garb I think 2 of those and sky field would be really good. Like full turbo. But here a 1 of could be good but at what cost? It can deal with regice, it 2 shots with rough seas and fury belt if a muscle band is attatch. It could work.


2 Shots Jolteon as well.


I am not sure if it’s worth cutting escape ripe for it. Maybe if compressor is in the list so you can dump it


wow thanks a million I was wondering why everyone played it now I know