Darkrai BKP variants // XY-on 2016


I’m wondering which of these 3 options would work best. Zoroark is crucial against Jolteon-EX, but garb is your only outlet to beating Greninja BREAK besides hex (which would destroy your consistency). neither of them in your deck would open a gate for other cards. Which would be best?

What about another Darkrai deck - before rotation, and which cards after rotation?

What if Darkrai Giratina was bad no matter what you put in it?


This opinion is clearly 100% correct, discussion should obviously end here.

(I feel as though I probably need to include a sarcasm disclaimer.)


It beats nm and trev, 2 of the most popular decks


Is Garbodor necessary in beating Greninja? like, without donking?


True i did not think about that but if you dont go first then they can just set up and you cant get the donk.


How do you donk them if they get set up?


well, i guess zoroark could get some damage down


Correct me if im wrong, but I feel like this is a troll.


I have beat it many times in testing with ninja. (without garb)


I tend to agree with @smashandslash on this, really. I’m not even sure why Darkrai/Giratina is even considered as an option. [quote=“Chabillionaire, post:1, topic:8920”]
hex (which would destroy your consistency).

If it destroys consistency, why does most every deck play one?


What if your opinion was ignorant and wrong?

And @op it’s either garb or neither. Escape rope is better against jolteon tbh.


All you need to beat Jolteon is Latios EX. You don’t need to add another stage 1.


It doesn’t beat Night March, it just makes them have to prioritize. DarkTina isn’t built to hit T1 Chaos Wheel, so if Night March can Lysandre it and kill it, it is gone. If Night March plays E-Hammers/Xerosic, they can just Energy Denial the Tina. Against Darkrai, if Night March goes in expecting to take 2HKOs, they should be fine. They have to play a little but more conservatively.


If hex destroys consistency, then why would you think garb makes it better?[quote=“Chipadat, post:13, topic:8920”]
All you need to beat Jolteon is Latios EX

But latios does not break flash ray block.[quote=“Latte1504, post:14, topic:8920”]
It doesn’t beat Night March

It’s in DarkTinas favor. Even if they cant chaos wheel, Latios can donk, belted darkrai is hard to kill, and once you get past these, Tina is just waiting to stomp you. Besides, you have a very good shot at getting giratina set up fast enough to the point where they have to lysandre very early and get their marchers discarded very quickly. It isn’t hard to do, but hex maniac and Garbodor hurts you pretty badly if played early enough and the deck does run multiple giratinas which means you can fall behind quickly if you overextend to killl one. And dark Tina is supposed to be a deck that can explode and it isn’t too hard to get giratina set up very quickly.[quote=“Latte1504, post:14, topic:8920”]
If Night March plays E-Hammers/Xerosic, they can just Energy Denial the Tina.

Nope. A DDE and two dark’s means you have to discard a special energy every turn because unless they whiff, you wont be able to stop their attachments. It’s not toad Tina where you attach two special energies.[quote=“Latte1504, post:14, topic:8920”]
if Night March goes in expecting to take 2HKOs, they should be fine.

But this is why its a bad matchup. NM cannot expect to be fine doing this. Too easy for the opponent to lysandre shaymins or set up a giratina behind the darkrai.


Sorry for double post, but can we just turn this thread into a general Darkrai/Dragons thread?


I know that this deck did well at that Origins fair thing but does anyone know where you can get the overall results of that tournament?


TheCharizardLounge has masters, the other divisions idk.



  1. Darkrai/Garb/Giratina
  2. Trevenant
  3. Metal
  4. Darkrai/Garb/Giratina
  5. Darkrai/Garb/Giratina
  6. Water Box
  7. Vespiquen/Night March
  8. Darkrai/Garb


  1. Darkrai/Garb
  2. Trevenant
  3. Darkrai/Garb/Giratina
  4. Water Box
  5. Darkrai/Garb/Giratina
  6. Metal
  7. Darkrai/Garb/Giratina
  8. Vespiquen/Night March


Thanks guys, I appreciate it.