Dane's 2017-18 Season


Hit up double cups this weekend. Had a poor matchup R1 and dead draws R3 on Saturday, and lost to Phinn in T8 on Sunday who made a great meta call for the event. Hopefully can replace this finish, but at least I can say my only losses were out my control. Overall had a good weekend!


How did Phinnegan beat the drampagarb in finals?


drampa gave phinn the win because he didn’t care about points and wanted to go home


Place 2nd place at the Modesto League Cup on Saturday with Buzzwole/Lycanroc. Unfortunately couldn’t find anyone as insane as me to drive to the cup in LA on Sunday, so I have to end this quarter just shy of 300 points. This means I’m gonna have to get some points at Nats over summer, as well as some Cup finishes next quarter, in order to get my invite. Still, I’m optimistic and my fingers are crossed that I can pull this off.


Got 2nd place at a small League Cup today putting me at 345 CP. Now all I need to do is T512 Nats to get my invite! (Provided we hit 1600 Masters, if not I’ll need to T256)


Unfortunately could not clinch the last win or tie I needed to make T256 for my invite at nats (tie wasn’t guaranteed for all, but we checked on standings later, I would’ve made it with my resistance). Felt bad, but I did misplay to lose in R3 and honestly after hitting 5 Zoroark in a row I deserved to hit some bad matchups. Silver lining is that R9 allowed Frank Percic to clinch his T16 spot and Day 2 invite, so that loss didn’t go to waste.

Most likely won’t be playing seriously next season due to new school commitments, but I had a great time this year and I’m sure I’ll return in the future. Thanks for the great season!