Dane’s 2018-19 Season

Not planning on playing much this season. Here’s a record of what I do play.

Temecula, CA League Challenge — Standard, 8/28/18
Deck: Ultra Necrozma GX/Malamar (borrowed off a friend)
R1 vs Alexander Gomez w/ Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX
Me: 0-1-0 ; Opp: 1-0-0
R2 vs Trevor Gref w/ Malamar/Psychic stuff
Me: 1-1-0 ; Opp: 0-2-0
R3 vs Ian Carlson w/ Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX
Me: 2-1-0 ; Opp: 2-1-0

1st place, +15 CP

Santa Clara, CA League Cup — Standard, 3/30/19
Deck: Zoroark GX/Lycanroc GX/Weavile

R1 vs Dan Sweetman w/ Blacephalon GX/Naganadel
Me: 0-1-0 ; Opp: 1-0-0
R2 vs David Selin w/ Buzzwole GX
Me: 1-1-0 ; Opp: 0-2-0
R3 vs Charles To w/ Gardevoir GX/Ninetales GX/Swampert
Me: 2-1-0 ; Opp: 1-2-0
R4 vs Anthony Olvera w/ Buzzwole GX/Jirachi
Me: 2-2-0 ; Opp: 3-1-0
R5 vs Preston Ellis w/ Zoroark GX/Lycanroc GX/Lucario GX
Me: 3-2-0 ; Opp: 2-3-0
R6 vs Allan Pham w/ Zapdos/Jirachi
Me: 4-2-0 ; Opp: 3-3-0

12th place, +0 CP

Santa Clara, CA Regionals – Standard, 5/18/19
Deck: Lucario&Melmetal GX/Vileplume

R1 vs Danny Roldan w/ Reshiram&Charizard GX
Me: 1-0-0 ; Opp: 0-1-0
R2 vs Vincent Dellanorte w/ Zapdos/Beasts
Me: 2-0-0 ; Opp: 1-1-0
R3 vs Branson Lowe w/ Regigigas/Vileplume
Me: 2-1-0 ; Opp: 3-0-0
R4 vs Shane Bliss w/ Reshiram&Charizard GX/Stealthy Hood
Me: 2-2-0 ; Opp: 3-1-0
R5 vs Kevin Loo w/ Reshiram&Charizard GX/Salazzle
Me: 2-3-0 ; Opp: 3-2-0
R6 vs Benji ? w/ Weezing
(WW) scoop – at this point, since points didn’t matter to me and I couldn’t make day 2, I gave my opponent the win despite winning the round. From here on, I tried to win every round on prizes rather than mill like I was supposed to since I was just playing for fun
Me: 2-4-0 ; Opp: 3-3-0
R7 vs Jovany ? w/ Lost March
Me: 2-4-1 ; Opp: 2-4-1
R8 vs Edgar ? w/ Gardevoir GX/Sylveon GX
Me: 3-4-1 ; Opp: 2-5-1
R9 vs Everett ? w/ Gardevoir&Sylveon GX
Me: 4-4-1 ; Opp: 3-5-1

?th place, +0 CP

Total CP: 15
ELO Rating: 1658.44
Total Record: 10-7-1

First tournament in 7 months today, borrowed a deck off a friend. Could definitely have played better if I knew what half of the cards my opponents were using did, but had fun regardless!