Crobat PLS, Girantina PLS // NXD-on


I have seen several topics relating to this deck, just wanted to make a new one for my deck after the introduction of Flashfire.

Note: I am on a budget, for now, but have some money coming my way soon. Please give suggestions with two fields, one that is inexpensive, and another that uses any amount of money.

Without furthar ado, is my WIP Poison Deck

3 Team Plasma Ball
2 N
2 Skyla
2 Shauna
2 Shadow Triad
3 Hypnotoxic Lasers
3 Rare Candies
1 Evosoda
2 Professor Juniper
1 Float Stone
2 Lysandre
2 Professor’s Letter
2 Pokemon Center Lady
2 Ultra Ball
1 Scramble Switch
1 Pokemon Fan Club
2 Virbank City Gym

5 Psychic
2 Plasma Energy

4 Crobat
2 Golbat
4 Zubat
3 Giratina
1 Metagross
1 Metang
1 Beldum
1 Toxicroak
1 Croagunk

The idea is to poison like crazy with crobat. That is pretty much it, metagross is mainly there for his Plasma Search ability, to get a team plasma card each turn. Which is why the plasma energies are included.Toxicroak’s revenge is useful, when one of my Pokemon faints just send him in, revenge, and retreat for 90 damage. He can also be picked up by a level ball.Giratina is the strong attacker who takes advantage of all the poison floating around.


This deck is decent, but me personally watch “The Top Cut” which has a great segment called “Building on a Budget.” Those decks have a lot of common and uncommon cards,and if you buy booster packs from time to time you most likely have most of the cards and will have to purchase parts of a evolutionary line and/or trainers. If you want more info message me or reply to this topic i will be happy to give you specific links to those videos.

For now I will give you the link to their YouTube page which you should find all of their videos.


I agree with @pokepromaster , but I’ll assume that you want to keep the deck you currently have. Here’s my idea for improving that (hopefully) won’t cost you more than 20$.

  1. Remove and sell the metagross line, as well as the plasma energy. They aren’t needed. (Cost: -4$)
  2. Add in 3 Toxicroak EX. They also poison, FAST. (Cost: 18$ -4$ = 14$)
  3. Take out the 1-1 Toxicroak line, sell it, and replace it with a Druddigon and another DCE. (Cost: ~2? +14$ ~=16$)

That’s all I could think of without changing the entire strategy of the deck. Hope it helped!


Thanks! Sounds good. I will definitly add ion those toxicroak ex, they look good.


Shoud I add in Tornadus EX?


I don’t see much need for it, since your always trying to poison. But as I think about it could be useful for attacking while you set up. Definitely play test with a friend or at a Pokemon league if you have the time.


Thinking of taking our Giratina, after trying it on PTCGO and winning way more than 50% of my matches, I havn’t attached a single energy to Giratina.


Should I add a miltank?


No. I can see where you’re coming from (using it while you set up), but you’d need a stage 2 to make it in any way useful, and if you have your stage 2 in play, you shouldn’t need miltank in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:


this needs to be called crobatina