Crobat PHF Variants // BCR-on

I was play-testing this sweet deck. It mainly focuses on spreading damage all over everything, kind of like oregano on a pasta dish. You basically load the damage counters on everything with steep hp to move any low hp basics for the knockout. It has worked well for me. :smiley: So, here’s the list:

4-4-4 Crobat PhF
2-1-2 Dusknoir
2-2 Meowstic FlF (garbotoxin)
1 Mewtwo EX

21 pokemon

4 sycamore
3 N
1 colress
2 skyla
2 lysandre
1 fan club

4 vs seeker
2 ultra ball
4 Candy
2 enhanced hammer
3 hard charm
4 dimension valley
1 comp search

35 Trainers

4 psychic energy

I know the trainer lineup is crude, but any feedback is great :smiley:

Uhh why not Wobbuffett or Miltank? They both work great.

I like miltank. Not too keen on Wobbufett.

You might want to try wobbuffet and miltank, maybe even kyurem from legendary treasures :smile:

The outragers were a though. I am still debating it.

uhh, i mean its second attack, the one that does 30 to everything.

Oh, I’ll test that out, once I get my hands on one.

What do you suggest on energy for kyurem?

maybe rainbow… maybe PLS weezing instead to help that problem.

I’ll try with rainbow, to knock out the few low basics I can :wink:

Do you find 4 Crobat necessary? The Crobat variants I have been playing with have been different but I never felt like I needed a 4th Crobat.

I say:

-1 Dimension valley

You don’t need four when your attacker is probably Meowstic

+1 Dusclops

You don’t run any rare candy so a 2-1-2 line won’t be effiecent enough

-1 E Hammer

In my opinion 1 is just enough

+1 rare candy

Never know when you need that clutch turn 2 Crobat or Dusknoir

Hope I helped! :slight_smile:

I played against this deck at cities, and it got annoying, because he had me in a toad lock. He also played Mewtwo and ( I think ) Trevenant? I donno, all I know is it nearly Knocked me out of top 4.

Oops. I forgot the candy. My B.

The other day I competed in the Sutton Coldfield (UK) Rustboro League Challenge with a Crobat deck and I thought I would share it here and let you all know how I got on :smile:
First of all here’s my list that I used:

Pokemon (17)
4 Wobbuffet PHF 36
4 Crobat PHF 33
4 Golbat PHF 32
4 Zubat PLS 53
1 Dedenne FFI 34

Trainers (36)
4 Professor Juniper
4 Shauna
1 Colress
2 Lysandre
1 Pokemon Fan Club
1 AZ
1 Lysandre’s Trump Card
3 VS Seeker
4 Dimension Valley
4 Ultra Ball
1 Great Ball
3 Super Scoop Up
3 Enhanced Hammer
2 Head Ringer
1 Pokemon Catcher
1 Computer Search ACE SPEC

Energy (7)
7 Psychic

Now you’re probably looking at this list and scratching your head about a few of the card choices so I’ll do my best to explain them here.

0 N, 4 Shauna:
This deck aims to pull ahead on prizes very quickly and stay ahead for the whole game a goal which, especially against EX decks, it normally achieves . This makes Shauna better than N in most cases and hence the 0-4 split

1 Dedenne:
This slot is very much down to your local metagame/personal preference: if you are expecting lots of Landorus EX/Plasma Kyurem then play Mr Mime here; if your expecting minimal fighting/Donphan decks then play Miltank here as it makes a great one energy attacker and after a Powerful Friends and a Golbat drop Wobbuffet is hitting for 110 (210 total), enough to take down a Mega Manectric and finally if you are expecting lots of the big bird himself, Yveltal EX (as I was) you could play Dedenne but the safest bet is always Mr Mime in this slot.

4 Dimension Valley:
You need this card in play at all times. This deck will not function unless your Wobbuffet can attack for 1 energy and your Bats can attack for free should you be missing energy. Many stadium wars will be fought and you need to win them.

1 Great Ball:
Oh how I wish that Level Ball was still in format, I really needed another searching card to find my Bats when I needed them and this was the best thing I could think of.

Now onto the Tournament Report!

Round 1 vs Quad Toad and Garbodor
When my opponent opened with a Trubbish I knew I was in for a hard time. We both had a very slow star to this game with me managing to place 20 damage on the Trash bag with a Golbat and promoting a Wobbuffet and waiting for an energy, and waiting, and waiting, simultaneously Enhanced Hammering off the DCEs from his benched Seismitoad, delaying the painful Quaking Punch. Neither of us were able to pick up from our slow starts and the game ended with me having taken 2 prizes with two heavily damaged Toads on my opponent’s bench and with him having taken 3 prizes.

Round 2 vs Pyroar
My opponent started Litleo, I started Wobbuffet, attached an energy and benched 2 Zubat going first. On his turn he wasn’t able to find another basic so on my second turn I evolved 2 Golbat and KO’d his Litleo for the win. We did have a fun game afterwards which was much more competitive but I ended up winning in the end.

Round 3 vs Faries
My opponent was playing a straight faries deck with Mewtwo and Xerneas EX, he began the game by using Geomancy a few times and powering up a very scary looking Mewtwo and a baby Xerneas on the bench. I managed to place enough damage counters on the purple beast, Lysandre it up and use Wobbuffet for the KO. He then went on the offensive with the baby Xerneas using Rainbow Spear and after I took two prizes off the Xerneas my opponent used Geomancy, looked through his deck and his face fell - he was out of energy! It was then a game of me attempting to knock out one of his three Xerneas EX in play with the Bats and Wob whilst playing around his Max Potions, taking my final prizes a few minutes before time.

Round 4 vs VirGen
At the start of this game the Head Ringers did exactly what they’re supposed to do - they forced my opponent into a T3 Emerald Slash and then I attached one to the newly powered up Genesect EX on the bench forcing him to commit 4 energies to it and bring it into the firing line only for me to take it down the following turn and wipe out nearly all of his energy in play. On my next turn I was able to Lysandre up his Deoxys EX from the bench, place 50 damage on it and KO that to take me down to two prizes. My final prizes were a bit more difficult to take with him mounting an offensive with a new Genesect and KOing a couple of Wobbuffet, I had left it with about 60HP remaining and then he retreated into a regular Genesect, something that I have never seen before in a VirGen deck, presumably to force the 7 prize game. It took me a while to find the Bats to take down the benched EX and my opponent was scarily close to winning, in the end only having 1 prize remaining - too close for comfort!

Round 5 vs Flareon
I had finally made it to the top table and was faced with the only other rogue deck in the room - a Flareon deck that had already gone 4-0-0. I felt fairly confident in this matchup with my 3 Enhanced Hammers and Trump Card, that is until I had to Juniper away 3 energies on my first turn and took a look through my deck to find that 3 Golbat were prized. I did managed to mount a 0 energy assault with my only Crobat I could get out, taking 2 prizes but it was all in vain as his Raichu quickly put a stop to these shenanigans and I was unable to find any Hammers or my Trump Card and all was lost.

I ended up in 3rd place and our Top 4 ended up as:
Flareon 5-0-0
Seismitoad/Garbodor (my first round opponent) 3-0-2
Wobbats 3-1-1
Donphan 3-1-1

I thoroughly enjoyed the tournament and I loved my deck but there are a few things that I would like to include:
1 Xerosic - to help deal with Garbodor, rather than just relying on sniping benched Trubbish quickly
1 Great Ball - I felt that at times I needed more searching cards to rush my Bats
1 Sigilyph - to help slow down big EX decks and to act as an attacker against these decks
1 Mr Mime in the Dedenne slot as I mentioned above as I feel I would easily fall to any bench sniping

and things I would remove
1 AZ - I didn’t use this card as much as I expected and didn’t feel it helped too much
1 Scoop Up Cyclone - the only reason this card wasn’t included was as I didn’t have one at the time

I hope that you enjoyed reading this review of the deck and feel free to use it in any tournaments you might be partaking in and I will be taking it to some city championships in my area over the coming weeks


Reading all of these comments, I’ve constructed a better deck. Check it out and tell me what I could do to help make it a better deck.

4-4-4 Crobat PhF
2-1-2 Dusknoir
2-2 Meowstic FlF (garbotoxin)
2 Miltank

22 pokemon

4 sycamore
3 shauna
1 colress
2 skyla
2 lysandre
1 fan club

4 vs seeker
2 ultra ball
4 Candy
2 enhanced hammer
2 hard charm
4 dimension valley
1 scoop up cyclone

34 Trainers

6 psychic energy

A bunch of really good players were playing a deck like this at a cities last week, their pokemon lines looked something like
4-4-4 Crobat
4 wobbo
1-2 sigilyph
1-2 Mewtwo ex

None of them made cut, but they made up the bulk of the top 16.

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I’ve been considering Sigilyph in order to slow some of the faster paced EX decks down, I’ll do some testing :slight_smile:

I play a more consistent version. 4-4-4 crobat 4 wob. A couple of AZ-super scoop ups, 4 dimensional valley along with hammers. Works really great so far

I’ve been testing a version with 3 Miltank, 3 frozen city, 3 plasma badge and 1 dimension valley. Having 2 or 4 damage counters for Wobbuffett to hit turn two helps quite a bit. Then stream Miltank late game for 80.

Also can’t decide on using one plasma Crobat for the draw support and quad poison vs the current one for sniping damaged bench. The draw helps but then if hitting heads on SSU means less damage potential for the two attackers with bat turnover.