Countering Dragon Rayquaza

Hi Guys

I am having trouble beating the Dragon Ray deck…I tried to slow it down with Giratina Vileplume and that failed and I tried to outspeed it with Colorless Ray but the deck sets up way too fast even if one Dragon Ray gets one shot early.

Any deck suggestions besides the obvious straight fairy?

Any advice will be much appreciated :smile:

Try Hex Maniac to shut off Reshiram and maybe Xerosic or Hammers to discard their DD Energy. Those cards have the benefit of being useful against a lot of other decks as well.

Dragon Quaza isn’t the best deck out there and tends to lose to its own clumsiness most of the time.


You should B able to beat it with Colorless Ray if your list is fast.
Let me ask: Is tho just one person who’s running this or is it a part of your local meta? Are you likely to face this deck a lot in a tournament? Because if not, there isn’t much point in trying to beat it.
Is this Standard O expanded? In standard, you have Beautifly ROS, Regice AOR, Hex Maniac, etc.
In expanded, there is Suicune PLB, Sigilyph LTR, and the above.
Sorry for all the questions, but its hard to give you the answer in a counter if we don’t have all the details.

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This is probably one of the smallest decks out there right now so if your deck can beat everything but dragon ray you’ll be fine, but if you really think you’ll see a lot of it, Colorless Ray should be able to beat it.