"Considering Connecticut with Vancouver Vigor" – Gearing up Garbodor with Drampa, Golisopod, and Espeon for Canadian Competition,


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Great article. Curious if you have a shorthand for which matchups you lead with Drampa and which with Espeon GX?


I’d generally say that it depends on your opening hand. If you have a hand that needs to Big Wheel or if there’s a special energy you can edge off then go for Drampa. If you can safely Brigette with a follow up supporter out on your first turn then I like to lead with Espeon because the Confusion is quite annoying early game. The extra 20hp can also be relevant early game against things like Tapu Bulu GX, Ho-oh GX, Ninetales-GX, and even Gardevoir-GX.

With the introduction of Espeon GX into Drampa/Garb you now have another very powerful GX attack you may want to use, often making the T1 Psybeam better than a T1 Big Wheel.

The only match up where this advice falls flat is against Greninja. Against them you want to start using Flying Flip with Tapu Koko ASAP. It is nearly impossible for them to deal with it before they get to their BREAK meaning you can usually get at least 2 flips off before going down. Combined with Po Town you can rack up damage on their board very quickly for a powerful devolve play. If this doesn’t workout then Drampa-GX can one shot everything in their deck assuming that the BREAK has some sort of damage on it through Po Town or an earlier Flying Flip.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for this, Travis.

Po Town seems to be the norm at the moment, but I find it frustrating - you need it early to maximise its impact, and it’s only useful in certain matchups. It seems all or nothing: sometimes you get it just right and your opponent’s already 30/60 damage down before you’ve done anything. Maybe that’s the gamble, and maybe that’s what makes it worthwhile.

Parallel, on the other hand, can be used at any stage of the game and has relevance in every matchup. You can clear off your own damaged bench and limit fire damage, or make sure that your Gardy opponent is stuck with no room to build up more trouble.

By playing higher counts of stadiums you’re drawing out field blowers that would otherwise be used on Garbotoxin, which is a huge thing these days as abilities are everything and field blowers are items.
So I think it has to be either/or. But I’m really torn. Thoughts?


(this is in an Espeon focused build - I realise that Po Town is crucial in Drampa)


These are good points! If you cut the 3 Po Town in favor of 1 Parallel then that would alleviate some of the space issues mentioned with the Espeon build. I left the Po Towns in almost exclusively for the Gardevoir matchup, but they’re also strong against the high amount of evolving Pokemon in the game right now.

If you’re not finding them especially useful then you should definitely try cutting them and see if you miss them at all. Worst case scenario you default back to including them and learn how much you missed having them. Parallel was the favored stadium before Worlds, so I could just be wrong on wanting to keep Po Town around.


Thanks - have gone back to Parallel as I think it can beat Gardevoir without it.

Thanks again, keep up the good work!