"Competitive Dissonance" A Discussion on the Flawed Structure of League Challenges


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An interesting thing I would like to point out is that CP is no longer listed as a prize at the League Challenges, see here.


They are still given…most definitely.


See this: http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?184947-Errata-and-Championship-Points-Update

In order to clear this up, PokeGym spoke directly with the OP manager in charge of League Challenges, Dan Brandt, and he has confirmed that League Challenges DO, in fact, still award Championship Points.


Haven’t been on in ages, read one article, want to contribute this:

The point of league challenges is to promote bottom-up growth. TPCi wants you not to complain about lack of access, but to instead apply to become a TO and host things in your area.

The reason not all leagues can host LC’s is because the league needs an active TO with a good track record of hosting events and reporting results in a timely fashion. That’s the reason some leagues don’t have LC’s and some do.


Because of the sheer numbers of them, LCs are not as competitive or cutthroat as BRs were. If you can’t come close to maxing out on your LC points, you have no business competing for the World Championship.


Really awesome article, and I couldn’t agree more with every point you made! As a League Leader and Tournament Organizer, I enjoy hosting the League Challenges. However, my casual league players don’t attend because they are intimidated by all the competitive players that come for the points. We had 60+ players at our first LC this season in Katy, TX! Changing them to Play! Points that we can use for cool Pokémon stuff would be great. Good job!