Collinsville, Illinois 2016 Regionals

Why exactly did he let himself get donked?


How is everybody else doing?

Got sacked playing against m sceptile r1 (I’m playing toad bats) then win r2 and r3, r4 play against Dodd w/ a great matchup, win g1 then deaddraw g2 and 3. Playing out for top 16 packs.

That’s why I like the 3rd n. Also, how many seniors do you have? Packs go back to top 64.

Hey look, there’s me at #5!

Decks? All I know is that Tanner is playing Raikou/Eels

It wasn’t even the 3rd N. I started lone Zubat and like VS Seekers and labs and energies. But whatever, it happens lol. I still have 3 states and 3 regionals to make something of my life :joy:

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That’s sad. Damian nor I dead drew at all (Except for one game against Yveltal). What was your final record?

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Sooooo what happened on stream? Is Jason playing toad again?:wink:

No, he played his 2013 Nats deck. Sableye/Garb/Hammers


Alex is also playing Raikou/Eels

Does anyone know the results for Seniors or where I could find them?

What happened on stream?

Final standings were exactly the same as the Swiss standings (potentially 4/5 changed, but I don’t believe so) except that Tanner H beat Alex M in finals.

Do you know what they played?



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Wherever Grant was, he played t-rex

Pretty sure Virizion/Genesect/Some Toad in there was the last deck in cut, could be wrong though.

What did you play all day? Tyrantrum was not something I would think had good matchups all around. From testing, I loses to Yveltal which is huge.