Collinsville, Illinois 2016 Regionals

Regionals in Collinsville is February 20th for the main event and the 21st for cut and side events. As you probably know it’s expanded format with no BREAKpoint. MAKE SURE YOU PREREGISTER. If you preregister by 7:00 (CST) on February 17th, then you will be entered in a drawing for sweet stuff!

The preregister link is here:

I hope to see a lot of 6P members there, I’ll be going myself in seniors to shoot top 16 for my invite. :sunglasses:

I’ll be there, hoping for another top 4 or better in seniors to make sure I say on track for a top 16 NA!

Awesome, good luck, and I hope we play!

I do too, as long as it’s not a win-and-in :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a good deal on hotels out in collinsville? How much are they that Friday-Sunday

Lowest I could find was about $60-80.

Dang, where’s that? I already have my hotel room (linked to the center) but I have a friend who could use that knowledge.

Awesome thanks, that’s u fortunate hotels in va had a deal for like 50.

My research showed that there are no connected hotels. What’d you find?

Reginald across the street. Not actually connected but right there.

Gotcha. That distinction is where you lost me.

For what it’s worth, the Doubletree has a pedestrian bridge across to the Gateway Center, so probably the most convenient available. Can’t speak to pricing/availability now that the block is gone.

Doubletree is also a very nice hotel. Warm cookies on check in! Also a military discount.

i will be here! i really would like to introduce myself to @Dweinhardt

Tomorrow’s the day, get a good amount of sleep (unless you’re frantically making a deck) and good luck to everyone!

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Watching the stream, lets have fun!

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The audio is pretty messed up to begin the stream. Commentators are talking … and there is like a second line of audio layered in of delayed commentary. Unlistenable. I thought I had a second browser tab open.

… and it’s fixed. Took 10 minutes.


That N was such a mistake, could have decked him easy.

And… Archeops.


Three very interesting matches.

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Pew Pew Double Jirachi.

Y Cyclone take the game.

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Introducing the new Frank Diaz, Daniel Altavilla! Back-to-back regionals finals?


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Fun is guaranteed.

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