"Clown Around, or Tag Bolt as Usual" – The "Win-or-Lose" and "Get-Some-Points" Plays for Santa Clara Regionals

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Great article, thanks for this!

Question: what two cards would you cut for the Jolteon line?

I would probably cut one of the Pokémon search cards and the rescue stretcher. I haven’t tried to find space yet, but those seem to be the best choices.

A Jolteon line takes two slots in the deck, woudn’t be better to use those spots on an Adventure Bag and a Stealthy Hood.

Adventure Bag helps against ReshiZard giving you one more out to Choice Band while the Hood can also help against Weezing spread.

Those choices are not that lethal against stall but are not dead in other matches as Jolteon seems to be

The stall player then announces the words “faba” or “field blower” and we have now lost as soon as a second plume hits the field. Jolteon also allows us to deal with some single prize decks such as Zapdos or Granbull much better than Hood/bag would.