Clackamas, OR Regionals, February 27-28

Anyone else going? If so I’d love to see you there!

There is a decent chance that I will be there.

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I’m going. It’s on my home turf, so looking to improve from a top 16 finish from last year! See you all there!

definately will be attending!

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I’m in the same boat as @PP101.

Definitely going. As long as I don’t lose in top 8 in 10 minutes like last year, i’ll be fine

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I will be attending regionals!

im going… but it will be my first tournament. any tips?

There are plenty of places to ask for tips, or you could make a new thread :slight_smile: this is just to make it easier to meet eachother.

Just have fun and don’t worry about how well you do.

What do you guys think the meta will look like?

Toad Stuff
Other decks

(I mentioned Sableye, right?)

But in all seriousness, I would say that Sableye would be a grossly hyped deck. Yveltal and Toad and other random things are bound to show up though. But the deck to beat is sableye.

…Which means after Anaheim everyone will be play Yveltal which means you should play Yveltal as that has the best matchup against Yveltal.

…if you know how to play the mirror.

Sableye will definetly be the most hyped. If your deck cannot beat sableye, then don’t play the deck.

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I think to encourage people from posting on this thread, we should continue this conversation in the BLW metagame thread?

There’s a thread for the Collinsville meta. And this thread is encouraging discussion about this regionals. (Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.)

M Manectric / Mega Turbo / Mewtwo EX?

M Manny deals with both Sableye and Yveltal, Mega turbo allows for you to power up M manny in one turn to get the ball rolling, and one Turbo Bolt to a Mewtwo takes care of Gallade.

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I actually think that’s a good idea, but if it’s as item reliant as I think, you get rolled by Toad/Bats. Toad has a pretty arguable Sableye matchup so it might not be a good play, resulting in Manectric doing well.

VS Toads, Baby Manny and Mewtwo.
Or just normal game plan, as you won’t really need to use Mega Turbo.

Holding my breath for tomorrow, after this day is when I decide on what I’m playing.