Cities: Expanded/Standard Compendium

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Foreword: This may be an exercise in futility. But, hopefully it instead proves useful.

My goal here is to help players have a clearer idea when traveling of what format to expect when attending City Championships this year. As someone who will be doing a good bit of traveling myself, it’s information that’s essential to success throughout the cycle.

At this early juncture, it’s going to prove difficult to achieve that city-by-city level of detail. As such, I’m going to start by asking for players to give their geographic region, the format that is being employed, and ideally the name of the PTO. In particular, in the areas of the country where multiple PTOs operate, it’s going to be very necessary to have that detail.

Make sense? If not, feel free to post clarifying.

A super ideal post will look like this:

Organizer Prof. Oak will be using the Standard format for City Championships in Viridian City and Pallet Town and the Expanded format for his event in Lavender Town.

At the beginning, I expect/request things more along the line of:

Professor Birch will be using the Expanded format for all of his events in Hoenn.

While I do have a lot of knowledge of Regional PTOs throughout the country, that knowledge is far from exhaustive. For that reason, if you know for a fact that there is more than one Organizer in a given State/Region you’re reporting on (even if you don’t know the format for that organizer), please denote that.


I talked to Chris Boutcher extensively yesterday and learned he will be doing a couple of CCs in the LA area. He told me some exact places that they will be 99% chance held, but not for sure. Should I give those locations?

I respect the conversations people have with PTOs and the privacy of them.

For that reason, I’d prefer you simply give the format and follow up with the exact locations when they’re either firm or public. If the format is going to vary, I’ll take that too.

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I think 99% or so of Cities in the Oregon area are going to be expanded format.

I will report back when I get the full details and know when everything I am telling you is 100% guaranteed.


I can say that Nancy D’Andrea is running her cities in Central NJ in Standard.

Both Ames, IA and Des Moines, IA cities are standard. All of the cities in the Chicago Marathon are also standard, though I can’t remember each location off the top of my head.

EDIT: The TO for Iowa is Justin Estes.

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Anything for Canada here?

Good point. Added headings for Ontario, BC, and Alberta, as I believe they are the only 3 Provinces with events.


Pretty sure Mike said on Virbank that NJ post-Christmas marathon is entirely standard.

The Chicago Marathon is all Standard:

I can try to find out about North Texas Cities, (Houston+East Texas are out of our Marathon)

Last I heard, there was no decision made. But I very much would love to hear if that has changed.

Long time user of six prizes/ first time posting…so I apologize in advance if I do anything incorrectly. The VA city championships will all held in the standard format. The tournament organizers are David Tuskey, Marthe Honts, and Tim Copeland. David organizes all of the south east and northern Virginia areas, Marthe organizes the far western part of Virginia and parts of northern north Carolina, and to my knowledge Tim does other random tournaments throughout the state. The source is , our states main source for anything Pokemon.


Organizer (Unlisted) Location: Pontiac Convention Center, Registration Time - 10am - 10:45am will be using the Standard format for City Championships in Janesville, WI. (source:

According to a post by PTO Patty Lefavour in the New England Pokemon Facebook group, all city championships in Massachusetts and New Hampshire will be using the Standard format.

However, I know of two stores in MA that usually run their own events separate from Patty (Lexington and Somerville), so the potential for a handful of expanded events remains.

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Updating to here now.

Are dates set yet for the NE Cities? Any links to more info?

Information on Cities for Michigan?