Christmas Chaos: Promo Giratina and Regionals Prizing Updates

  1. According to, XYP Giratina’a release date was December 1st, which would make it legal in San Jose this coming weekend. Clarification is currently being sought, as this card has not yet been spotted in circulation.

  2. The Regionals Prize Structure has been revised as follows:

This revision is retroactive.

Previous cash prizes were as follows:

Update on Giratina: the product is a “release on delivery” item, apparently, meaning it’ll makes its way to stores whenever distributors get them from the printer. So, could be tomorrow, could be December 30th. And in the interim, nobody knows if it’s legal for San Jose, Dallas, or Athens—let alone how to get ahold of it if it is.

Update to the Giratina Saga: Now it’s legal. Effective immediately. Maybe. It depends who you ask.

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Re-update. Now it’s not!

<3 Pokemon.

When is snorlax GX legal?

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Great question, isn’t it? My records show 12/14 release, so legal this Friday. But who knows…

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